Drivers are having ‘car maintenance days’ where they go to Discount Tire.


‘Toyota girlie here’: Drivers are having ‘car maintenance days’ at Discount Tire. That’s just the beginning

‘Finally someone who takes care of their car.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Apr 9, 2024

A Toyota driver posted a viral video sharing all of the places that she took her car for a maintenance day. Viewers say every car owner should follow these practices.

Marie (@rileykswife) has reached over 26,000 views and 800 likes on her TikTok by Tuesday She left a caption on her video that says, “Gonna drive this thing until the wheels fall off; so gotta keep her healthy!”

Marie’s video is in TikTok’s slide-show format and has a total of 15 photos. Each photo has a separate on-screen caption that explains each stop she made for her car that day.

In the first slide, Marie is sitting in the driver’s seat of her Toyota Rav 4 and takes a photo of the steering wheel. She captioned the photo “Let’s have a car maintenance day.”

The second slide shows a picture of the outside of a Discount Tire shop. Marie wrote, “First stop; get the dang nail outta my tire.”

“The advisor was so kind, I got new windshield wipers too,” Marie wrote on the third slide. The picture on the third slide shows the inside lobby of Discount Tire where Marie waited while her car was being worked on.

Marie’s fourth slide shows her Toyota sitting in the parking lot with the on-screen caption, “All fixed and ready for her next stop!”

Next Marie took her car to a mechanic shop. The fifth slide is a picture Marie took from inside her car, outside of the mechanic shop. She captioned this slide, “Oil change and new cabin filler time.”

“The guys even wiped my windshield down for me, so nice,” she added on her sixth slide.

After taking a snack break, Marie’s eighth slide is a picture of Tommy’s Express Car Wash she took from the driver’s seat of her car. “Car wash time,” she wrote.

On the ninth slide, Marie took a picture mid-car wash and wrote an on-screen caption that says, “They didn’t guide me through which gave me ANXIETY.”

Marie’s next slide is a photo of the outdoor vacuums available at Tommy’s Express with the caption, “Vacuum time.”

She then adds a photo of the company’s mat washing tool with the caption, “LOVE this thing.” Tommy’s Express website states, “Ensure your car is clean inside and out with these complimentary automatic mat washing stations, conveniently placed near the vacuum area. At this time, some locations do not have mat washers. Please ask your local Tommy’s Express team if this service is available.”

The next two slides are photos of Marie’s car mats before and after she used Tommy’s Express mat washing tool.

Before her video ends, Marie adds a slide of her wiping down her steering wheel. “Gotta wipe it ALL down,” she says.

The last slide of Marie’s video adds, “Lastly an air freshener refresh and she is good as new.”

Viewers in the comment section praise Marie for the care and maintenance she puts into her vehicle.

“Love seeing people care for their cars like this,” one says.

Marie responded, “I grew up with family owning dealerships; sometimes I can’t believe how little people know about car maintenance and how lucky I am to know it! So huge to learn/teach!”

“Finally someone who takes care of their car,” one adds.

Another viewer told Marie, “Toyota girlie here!! When you take care of your car, the car will take care of you.”

“As a service advisor and a girly, I love this, make it a spa day for the cars,” another adds.

In 2021, a study by Utires found that “roughly 92 percent of car owners admitted to putting off a car care task longer than they should. As a result, Utires found the average American driver spends an extra $1,193 over their vehicle’s life span.”

In the TikTok age, even this utilitarian task is an event, and owners are responding. According to Wired, about 62% of new car purchases are by women these days, and they influence 85% of all new car purchases.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marie via the TikTok comment section.

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*First Published: Apr 9, 2024, 11:05 pm CDT