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‘Work at TJ Maxx then’: TJ Maxx shopper says they caught worker reselling the viral Hello Kitty blankets

‘Duh employees get first dibs.’


Beau Paul


Weeks after getting roasted by viewers for accusing TJ Maxx workers of scooping up in-demand items for resale before they hit the sales floor, a TikToker has come back with receipts.

Rori Rebel (@reinventingrori) went viral in August when she posted a video showing a TJ Maxx employee checking out popular items at the end of their shift—even though, Rori claimed, the items had never been on the sales floor.

@reinventingrori Replying to @TinTin 🧚🏽‍♀️🌈🦋 #screammovie #VozDosCriadores I hope you find what you are looking for. Apparently the employees are just making extra income from buying with their discount and reselling as @T.J.Maxx @Marshalls @HomeGoods don’t pay them well and customers mistreat them. Now, all that I like is not viral 👻 and I dont buy because others are hyping items up. I dont to trade time for money in the first place and specially just over halloween stuff. 😘✌️ 😂#viralhalloween #resellers #tjmaxxfinds #tjmaxx #marshalls #homegoods #hellokittyhalloween #hellokittyhalloweenblanket #halloweenmusthaves #hellokitty #marshallsmusthaves #sanrio #hkhalloween#marshallsfinds ♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

Now the TikToker is back with a stream of screenshots showing alleged TJ Maxx employees listing a viral Hello Kitty Halloween-themed blanket on resale sites. Rori dropped the video one week ago, and it currently has 19,100 thousand views.

“Apparently the employees are just making extra income from buying with their discount and reselling as T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, [and] HomeGoods don’t pay them well and customers mistreat them,” Rori writes in the video’s caption.

“Between employees buying viral items for them, their family, friends and reselling, stores have little to none for you,” she continues in the video screen text.

She then shows what appears to be a page from TJ Maxx’s code of conduct that employees agree to when they’re hired. She underlines the part that clearly lists reselling as an example of a conflict of interest.

Rori’s latest video did receive some sympathy from other customers.

One user wrote, “Girl I’m on ur side. Literally can’t find a single thing bc the same employee buys 5 of them before they even go on the rack.”

Rori responded “Yea who out here is helping the regular consumer? I mean that’s why it’s retail.”

But most viewers responded in the same way that viewers of her first video did, insisting that getting first dibs on store goods was one of the few perks of working retail at stores like TJ Maxx.

“It’s so normal for employees to get first dibs. Their manager probably knows and encourages it just saying lol,” wrote one viewer.

Another commented, “Duh employees get first dibs.”

“Lol I worked at Target back in the day we were selling on eBay back then. You’d prob cry over our Wii reselling biz,” another added.

One viewer even suggested Rori could get first dibs herself if she would be willing to switch jobs writing, “Work at tj maxx then.”

Rori confusingly responded, “I dont trade my time for money specially min wage. thanks I pass sweetheart.”

The Daily Dot has contacted Rori via TikTok comment and TJ Maxx via email for further comment.

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