Woman says therapy office was secretly overcharging her for sessions


‘Not your therapist gaslighting you about your billing’: Woman says therapy office was secretly overcharging her for sessions

'Never seeking help again.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Tikoker @hotchipbich has revealed a harrowing tale of alleged financial malfeasance and gaslighting from an ironic source: Her own therapist’s office.

@hotchipbich Never seeking help again #therapy #insurance ♬ original sound – hotchipbich

In a video posted on June 23 that has been viewed over 10 million times, @hotchipbich alleges that she received a $452 charge for therapy even though she is no longer attending therapy sessions. She called the office and claims she was told that the charge was due to an “insurance issue” and that she would need to contact her insurer in order to have the money refunded.

She says that she did call her insurance who told her that they would “send over everything [the therapist’s office] need for a refund.” After waiting a week @hotchipbich contacted the therapist’s office again to ask if or when the refund would be processed. The office replied that “they hadn’t received anything” and that she should “call your insurance company and make sure they sent the stuff over that they said they were going to send over.”

After contacting her insurer, her agent told her that she would contact the office personally because “this didn’t sound right.” The agent called @hotchipbich back 30 minutes later, sounding “upset” and told her that the office was “rude” and hung up on her, refusing to explain any of their billing.

“I’m looking at your explanation of benefits,” the agent explained, “and it looks like you’ve been overpaying every single time.” She then told @hotchipbich to get back in touch with her therapist’s office and go over all her statements to figure out the discrepancies.

“Get a lawyer. Your insurance lady about to win the case for you!!!” one commenter wrote. “Omg 😳 therapist here, please please whatever state that you are in report to their licensing board,” another advised.

User @kzuba_ wrote, “I would have driven straight there for a copy and then straight to an attorney’s office. Don’t give them time to change records.”

At the end of the video @hotchipbich states that she is waiting on a “line item” document to be mailed to her. The Daily Dot has reached out to her via the comments section for further information on the matter.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 8:40 pm CDT