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‘That’s what I’m doing’: Customer shares why she buys her family Thanksgiving rolls from Texas Roadhouse—and how to do the same

‘Forget about thanksgiving, can we get them now??’


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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your feast.

TikToker Krystle Perkins (@perkinsonparkway), a DIY and home decoration influencer, posted a short clip sharing how to make tasty dinner rolls with ease. Viewed over 1.4 million times as of publication, TikTok users were grateful for the hack and shared some of their own.

“One of my family’s best Thanksgiving hacks is that we get all of our rolls from Texas Roadhouse,” Krystle begins.

“They come frozen. You let them thaw, and then you pop them in the oven for five minutes, and they are super delicious, and they come with the butter,” she concludes.

@perkinsonparkway Posting this early so you can get your order in now! #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner ♬ original sound – Krystle Perkins | DIY & Home

Similar to Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, there is a cult following around Texas Roadhouse’s dinner rolls with honey cinnamon butter. Usually, the restaurant offers the rolls baked and ready to go, but it will sell frozen rolls around major holidays. A half dozen costs around $2.49, and a full dozen costs $4.99. They even come with the trademark butter.

Customers can place orders for rolls through the Texas Roadhouse website or app. Scroll through the menu to “Sides & Extras” and select the options for “Extra Fresh-Baked Bread” and “Extra Honey Cinnamon Butter.” Add those to your cart, select a pickup method and time, and checkout.

In the comments section of her video, many viewers thanked Krystle for the tip.

“THANK YOU for not gatekeeping!! Placing my order now,” one said.

“Excuse me?!! This is an OPTION?!! Making my order just to eat the damn bread, I can’t wait lol,” a second remarked.

“We get [our] gravy from Popeyes. This is genius, adding to the list,” a third added.

Others claimed that they were unable to get frozen rolls.

“My store doesn’t sell them frozen! They told me they make them fresh to order so you can’t get them frozen from them!! I wish I could get them frozen,” a user said.

“Ours quit selling them frozen,” another replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Krystle and Texas Roadhouse via email for further information.

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