The hactivist group tapped into private conversations and leaked the results on YouTube. 

The hacktivist group that infiltrated the networks of the United Nations last fall has now set its sights on Scotland Yard.

Team Poison, often identified as TeaMp0isoN, has been prank calling the British government’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, “before tapping into private conversations in protest at the extradition of terror suspects to the U.S.,” reported Metro.

The hacker group has leaked many of these phone calls on YouTube where you can hear MI6 personnel discussing Team Poison.

“We’re showing MI6 that they are nothing but jokes and they are the real terrorists,” one of the hackers told Sky News on Thursday. “We fear no authority whatsoever. The reason we have been around so long is because we’re so knowledgeable. Our main factor is Middle East-related … in a nutshell we really don’t care about ourselves more than we care about real people. That’s why we’re here.”

Britain’s Metropolitan Police is reportedly looking into the matter. In the meantime, TeaMp0isoN founder TriCk continues to stir the pot on Twitter.

“Fuck ’em all and their ways of thinking and dealing with things,” the hacker tweeted. “Pricks, keep it up.”

In November, Team Poison claimed responsibility for posting usernames and password of United Nations members online to show how vulnerable its systems were to intruders.

Photo by Esparta

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