Target customer spends $455. She only got two bags’ worth of stuff

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‘But, what’s in the bags’: Target customer spends $455. She only got 2 bags’ worth of stuff

‘ …you have $300 cash in the bag though, right?’


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Posted on Dec 16, 2023   Updated on Dec 17, 2023, 8:10 am CST

A woman shares that she spent $455 at Target and left with only two small shopping bags’ worth of items. In a new TikTok, content creator Madison (@hiker.trash.lady) reveals just how little merchandise she got for $455.

“Do you wanna know what $455 at Target looks like?” Madison asks in the video, sitting in her car.

She grabs two small plastic grocery bags from the seat next to her and holds them up. “That’s it,” she says flatly as the video cuts off.

In the comments section, users were shocked at how much Madison spent on what seemed to be a small amount of items.

“Unless you got an Apple Watch, Bose speakers, and an iPad in there then there ain’t no way that bag is $400,” one user declared.

“Ma’am what did you buy? I spent $140 last time I was there and had 7 bags,” another viewer probed.

“…you have $300 cash in the bag though, right?” a third user wrote. Madison responded to this comment, writing, “Don’t I wish,” followed by a crying emoji.

“I bet it’s a lot of beauty/personal care items. Little bottles and stuff really be running up that receipt,” a fourth user offered.


Good thing I saved $6 by not getting a coffee. . We’re living in a nightmare hellscape in case you needed a reminder today. . #target #inflation #broke #foreverindebt #targethaul #goodbyecruelworld

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In a follow-up video, Madison shares that she was indeed stocking up on essential personal care items for a long trip and gives a haul of exactly what she purchased.

“Here’s the thing you got to remember, I’m about to be on a boat for four months. So that means I have to have enough of the brands that I like to get me through four months because I’m not gonna find them in Costa Rica,” Madison explains.

Among her purchases were bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, Biofreeze, deodorant, eyedrops, sunscreen, bug spray, Advil, Liquid IV, glasses wipes, nail polish, and various other hygiene products.

“Once I saw the brands of the things I was like yea, $455 makes sense…those Hero Patches aren’t cheap! Kristen Ess is like $15 a bottle… I get it!” one viewer replied to that video.

“When I saw the skincare brands – I immediately said I get it,” offered another user, referring to the Honest Vitamin C Radiance Serum and Daily Calm Lightweight Moisturizer Madison purchased and showed in her haul.

Multiple viewers, many self-proclaimed couponers, encouraged Madison and other viewers to use coupons and app deals to cut down on their Target expenses.

“I hope you’re using the Target app, there’s always coupons for personal care and beauty items,” one such user advised.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madison via TikTok message for more information. 

Update 8:08am CT, Dec. 17, 2023: In a message to the Daily Dot, Madison shared how she wasn’t trying to make a statement on inflation or her wealth. She explained how she was purchasing toiletries as she was heading to a four-month contract on a cruise ship.

“I did not expect the video to blow up,” she shares. “I do also think it’s wild that people assumed so much about me and my life and my intentions from a 15-second video (and even from the subsequent 3 min “haul” video).”

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2023, 7:52 am CST