Customer says she got body-shamed at Taco Bell over cheesy fiesta potatoes

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‘I actually ordered 2 on purpose’: Customer says she got body-shamed at Taco Bell over cheesy fiesta potatoes

'It’s not like you’re a health queen, granny.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Feb 15, 2024   Updated on Feb 15, 2024, 9:05 am CST

Anyone who partakes in the occasional Taco Bell—and most of us would be lying if we claimed not to—knows that it’s a sacred, judgment-free space. You’re ordering a dozen cheesy bean and rice burritos at 1 am? Keep living your best life!

But one woman apparently missed the memo, according to a TikToker who says she was “body-shamed” by another customer over her order.

Jules (@juliasaysstuff) lodged her complaint on social media while sitting in her car eating one of TB’s fan-favorite dishes—cheesy fiesta potatoes.

“They call my name at the counter, I get the to-go order, and I take everything out to make sure it’s in there, because my Taco Bell is pretty good at messing up orders,” she recounts. “I take out my burrito and I take out my two fiesta potatoes, and I’m like, ‘Perfect, everything’s here.’”

But another customer, who Jules describes as an “old woman,” was watching her a little too closely at the time and tapped her on the shoulder to provide commentary on her respectable order of three items.

“I turn around, and she goes, ‘Don’t you just love it when they accidentally give you two of something when you only ordered one?’” Jules says. “So I have no idea what to say, but I’m like, ‘Oh, I actually ordered two on purpose.’ She looks me up and down and she goes, ‘Probably shouldn’t have.’”

The interaction left Jules stumped over the idea that some random woman went that far out of her way to judge her over some Taco Bell.

“Because if you’re at Taco Bell, guess what? You’re eating Taco Bell, too. So it’s not like you’re a health queen, granny,” she adds.

Her TikTok was filled with viewers sharing their own go-to Taco Bell orders, which generally seem to consist of way more than a couple potato sides and a little burrito. If you’re hitting up the Bell and not ordering a grab bag of items, are you even doing it right?

People were also egregiously affronted on Jules’ behalf over the interaction.

“No one eating at Taco Bell deserves the right to judge another’s order at Taco Bell,” wrote one commenter. “That is the unspoken Taco Bell creed.”

“I will never understand how people have the audacity to say things like that to people!” another admitted.

Several folks also agreed that those cheesy fiesta potatoes are small, with one user noting they “come w like 5 potatoes max,” and another saying that “one tiny order is never enough no matter your size.”

“I would’ve ordered 4 if I could,” Jules admitted.

@juliasaysstuff Ive hit rock bottom 😞 #tacobell #storytime #bodyshame #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Jules :)

Bottom line: if you’re going to go to Taco Bell and be weird about other people eating Taco Bell, you don’t deserve a single Baja Blast, let alone any tacos. If you can’t keep your commentary to yourself, try the drive-thru next time!

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jules via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 15, 2024, 2:00 pm CST