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‘We are only supposed to put 6’: Subway customer asks for as many olives as possible on sandwich. She gets more than she bargained for

'If I didn't put enough on, please call...'


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Posted on Jan 10, 2024   Updated on Jan 10, 2024, 11:52 am CST

An olive lover who goes by H (@urlocqlgay) went viral on TikTok after showing off how a Subway employee went above and beyond when it came to honoring her request for more olives on her sandwich.

She discussed her experience and showed off the olive-ridden monstrosity in a viral TikTok that’s garnered more than 1.3 million views on the app, leaving other garnish-loving fast food customers nodding their heads in approval.

“So every time I go to Subway they put like 10 olives on,” H says in the clip. “So I put ‘as many black olives as you can give me please’ on my order.”

She then holds up a receipt for the sandwich that indicates the special request she made for the brined stone fruit. “And they put, ‘If I didn’t put enough on, please call…bet olive sandwich'” she remarks, noting a message penned by one of the Subway employees.

The TikToker then turns her attention to the sandwich in question, indicating that she’s just opening it up for a reveal she planned on sharing with other viewers on the app.

“I’m scared to open this… OK, already found one black olive,” she says, picking one up and eating it. After the sandwich is unwrapped she remarks that it’s “overflowing” with the garnish and immediately begins cracking up with laughter before ultimately showing off the Subway sandwich crafter’s handiwork: the sandwich is bursting with olives. If her sub’s contents were represented with a pie chart, a majority piece of that pie would be black olives.

Still laughing, she lifts her camera, pointing it downward to show off that there are even more olives that have fallen out of the sub and onto the wrapper.

While H found the amount of olives in her sandwich to be of a comical quantity, there was one user who remarked that this was exactly how they liked their own hoagies to come: “yessss this is how I liked my subway sandwiches. I always said ‘put what you think is a sickening amount and then put a little more.'”

Someone else remarked that it wasn’t the employees who were responsible for H’s previous disappointment with the amount of olives she had in her sandwiches, but Subway’s sandwich-making training protocols that go light on olive garnishing. “Girl I work at subway and the recommended amount of olives for a footlong is SIX. People get mad all the time but we are only supposed to put six,” they said.

Another user echoed this in the comments section, writing: “I worked at subway and we were trained to put 6 olives on a Footlong and 3 on a six inch.”

For another Subway customer, it was all about the pickles. Plus, they offered up a way to phrase their request that H may want to adopt for future orders: “I one time asked for ‘not so many pickles that you get in trouble, but enough that you worry it might almost seem sarcastic, please’ and it was _perfect_.”

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H isn’t the first fast food customer who got more than she bargained for after requesting an extra topping as part of her meal. A McDonald’s customer who had an affinity for pickles asked for a side of them during a visit to one of the popular burger chain’s locations. After arriving home and unpacking her order, Lindsay found it odd that she had another beverage cup placed among her requested items. Upon inspecting it further, however, she saw that the cup was filled with pickles, giving her more of the salty, cucumbery goodness than she needed.

The economics of vegetables and toppings, basically anything that isn’t meat, cheese, or bread from the sandwich bar at Subway is a varying, location-by-location phenomenon online. There are some Subway employees and guests who say that no matter what, stores must give customers as much or as little of a particular vegetable as customers want on their sandwich without charging extra as it’s included in the base price of the sub. Some claim that stores may charge you for going overboard on vegetables, but that it seems like it all depends on who you have making your sandwich at the time. Others say that “generally” speaking, you can put as many vegetables as you’d like on your sub.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Subway via email and H via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 10, 2024, 6:00 pm CST