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‘Is this like McDonald’s, where the fries never mold?’: Starbucks customer questions the baked goods after reading ‘produced by’ date

'How long is the shelf life?!'


Beau Paul


Posted on Sep 21, 2023

That morning carb fix you pick up at Starbucks every morning may have been “fixed” several weeks ago. If you’re picking up your baked goods and they’re pre-packaged in a plastic wrapper, you might want to check the fine print on the bag. That’s what one TikTok mom and business owner did recently—only to find her daily snack was six weeks old.

Dr Elise (@dr.elise.rigney) posted a video of her find on Friday, and it’s already picked up 11,000 views.

“How long is the shelf life?!” she questioned in the caption.

@dr.elise.rigney How long is the shelf life?! 🤔 #starbucks #starbucksrecipe #starbucksbarista ♬ original sound – Dr Elise

“I know they don’t make them there on site but for some reason, I’m still like ‘Well now I really know you don’t,'” Dr. Elise says in the video as she examines the bag her pumpkin loaf came in.

“Produced July 29, 2023. Today is what? September 15?” she says, reading out the information printed on the clear plastic wrapping the item came in. “Like, what are they putting in these things that they aren’t moldy and icky by now?”

“Is this like McDonald’s, where the fries never mold?” she asks her viewers, many of whom aimed to reassure her in the comments section.

Many of the viewers seemed to know that Starbucks baked goods arrive at the stores after they are frozen.

“They’re Frozen until they put them out for sale – it’s safe to eat,” @lisayambra8 said.

“Starbucks pastries are delivered to the stores frozen and they’re thawed out on a daily basis,” Laura (@lauraxvo) wrote.

“So they’re shipped frozen and then pulled to thaw the night before sale and are good for two days wrapped up and then the extras get donated!” another explained.

Others urged customers to ask for the baked goods warmed up so that they get placed in the iconic Starbucks brown bag.

“Ask for it warmed and it’ll be in the actual stand baggie,” another said.

An apparent barista, @meganleopard, confirmed that “unless you get it warmed it’ll be in the plastic.” The TikToker also said the policy, ever since COVID, is to give customers the bakery items in their original bags unless the customers want them warmed up.

According to Sara’s Veggie Kitchen, the United States Department of Agriculture states that “baked goods like Starbucks pastries can last anywhere between 5 days to 12 months depending on how they are stored,” so Elise’s pumpkin loaf seems totally safe to eat.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Starbucks via email and to Dr. Elise via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2023, 7:34 am CDT