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‘13?!?! FOR FULL TIME?’: Worker goes to Stanley Steemer interview listing 50K a year plus benefits. It was a group interview with a PowerPoint

'I have never walked out of a job interview before.'


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Posted on Jul 12, 2023   Updated on Jul 15, 2023, 11:17 am CDT

Update, 11:18am CT, July 15: Vinson, responding to the Daily Dot’s request for comment, revealed that the interview was with Stanley Steemer.

“I still would have been slightly okay with the group interview if it were less people and if the salary matched up,” Vinson added. “The job description mentioned a lot of the things I went over, such as the back ground check, drug test, and motor vehicle record check, but I was only willing to go through that amount of effort for the posted wage. The long list of demands was not worth $13.”

The creator also observed, “My reaction to it going viral—I was definitely a little surprised because I made the video with the impression it would only reach or concern a small audience, but I just made it anyways because I was so flabbergasted at the [company’s] misleading tactics.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Stanley Steemer via online form. Our original report is below.

A job seeker went to an interview prepared to vie for a job offering $20 an hour plus benefits. Upon arrival, he was surprised by a group interview for a position that was quite different from what was promised.

TikToker Wyatt Vinson (@what_if_wyatt) chronicled the alleged bait-and-switch in a video that has garnered over 49,000 views since going on the platform on Tuesday.

Vinson begins by saying, “You know, I have never walked out of a job interview before. But companies these days are smoking crack, and let me say, this employer was high as hell.”


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He continues to explain: “I was online; I seen a job posting for 40 to $50,000 a year plus all these benefits. It’s a 30-minute drive from my house, but I’m like, OK, that comes out about $20 an hour. I can work with that.”

The TikToker says he got to the interview early, “looking like a snack.” But then, “I walked through the doors, and [there] is a f*cking group interview sign-up sheet. And it’s like 15 other well-dressed motherfuckers there.”

Vinson was determined to see it through—until about five minutes into the company’s PowerPoint presentation. He says the company had just finished “telling us we got to look a certain way; we got to take a drug test; criminal background check; driving record check; no visible tattoos; it requires a lot of physical labor; we got to go through multiple interviews.”

Though that might sound like a lot, none of those requirements seemed to bother Vinson. What came next, however, made him throw in the towel.

“Then these wannabe slave masters look us dead in our eyes and told us it’s $13 an hour, and after months of training, you might be able to make a little bit of commission from upselling,” Vinson says.

In the video’s caption, he adds, “Everybody eventually walked out but half walked out right behind me.”

Commenters couldn’t believe it.

“13?!?! FOR FULL TIME?” someone exclaimed.

“I would have left once I saw it was a group interview,” a second said. “I will never subject myself to that horror again!”

“Once I see it’s a group thing I’m like nah,” another agreed.

“Group interviews are an absolute no for me,” a further echoed.

While a few people guessed the interview was at some sort of multilevel marketing company, Vinson revealed in response, “This one unfortunately is an actual company with a well known household name.”

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 5:28 pm CDT