Stanley Cup fan roasted for laminating and preserving water bottle label

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‘Are we not well?’: Stanley Cup fan roasted for laminating and preserving cup’s Valentine’s Day packaging

'I’m convinced I’m in a Black Mirror episode and yall are acting.'


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Posted on Jan 6, 2024   Updated on Jan 30, 2024, 10:01 am CST

Stanley Cups are the new trend that’s taken over TikTok. While these cups have been popular for some time, the past few months have seen an incredible rise in popularity for the colorful cups, resulting in brand collaborations and frantic attempts from fans to get certain colors and specialty editions of the cups.

This recently came to a head after the release of the Valentine’s Day Stanley Cup at Target. Users reported chaotic, violent shopping experiences trying to get these cups. Some got into fights while in line for the cups at Target; others claim to have been trampled when attempting to pick up their cup.

This has resulted in some internet users questioning the devotion to these cups. For example, Instagram user @world_of_magical_mugs recently documented their experience carefully removing the label for the cup, laminating it, and then reattaching it to the mug.

“The packaging was so cute I had to get it laminated,” she says in the video. Later, she adds, “Now I can use my tumbler without messing up the label.”

“For me, it’s part of the cup and I didn’t want to have it ruined when I washed it,” she explained in the caption.

While some in the comments section appreciated her efforts, others questioned how Stanley Cup fandom had gotten to the point that people are saving the packaging.

“As a graphic designer I appreciate retaining the packaging, but these Stanley folks are wild,” stated a commenter.

“This is getting out of hand,” declared a second.

Soon, this discussion spilled over onto TikTok, where user Feavu (@feavu_) went viral after reacting to the above video.

@feavu_ #greenscreenvideo Are the girls okay?? Whats going on genuinely asking #stanleycup ♬ original sound – feavu

In her reaction, she plays the video, overlaying herself onto the clip and offering a confused facial expression. She then cuts to herself staring at the camera in disbelief.

“Are we not well?” she asks in the video, which currently has over 2.3 million views as of Saturday. “I’m genuinely asking. Is everything OK out there?”

Commenters had a similar reaction.

“I’m convinced I’m in a black mirror episode and yall are acting,” a user said.

“I’m embarassed to take my Stanley anywhere now,” added another.

“I try not to judge people’s hobbies bc it’s what makes them happy but the consumerism is wilddddd with these cups,” shared a third.

While some may question this fandom, the popularity of the cup has proved incredibly profitable for Stanley. According to CNBC, the company previously hovered at around $70 million in annual sales. Today, that number is $750 million.

The Daily Dot reached out to @world_of_magical_mugs via Instagram direct message and Feavu via email.

Update Jan. 30 9:59 am CT: In an Instagram DM conversation with @world_of_magical_mugs, the user said they, too, had difficulty getting the cup.

“As a collector, I did some scoping out at a few Target locations in Los Angeles County. Most locations were showing 0 in stock, 0 in transit,” she explained. “The morning of, I waited 15 min before target opened with a few girls in line already. Not to my surprise, they had 0 in stock.”

Eventually, one of their friends in another city was able to find one for her.

She also responded to some of the comments on her video and provided more explanation for those who might not understand Stanley cup collecting.

“Cup collectors find joy in collecting Stanley’s for different reasons. They find joy in ‘hunting’ it down which turns into a challenge, to see if they can get their hands on it, respectfully. Others find joy in the social aspect. Being part of a community and having people to speak with about their newfound passion. Or, simply, they like the colors for their aesthetic shelf photos.”

“With laminating the label, I don’t understand the backlash it’s caused when there more important factors in the world right now,” she continued. “I knew my fellow collectors and people who display their cups would understand. Stanley Valentine’s Day collection [is] reflected on the label and not only the cup. The label is different from their other drops.”

Plus, laminating the label can have some added benefits, she notes.

“This label has a ‘To and From’ section. If someone is gifting it and wrote a special message, this is a way to preserve it and display it,” she said. “Valentine’s is around the corner, and why not get started on ideas now for your loved ones?”

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*First Published: Jan 6, 2024, 11:00 am CST