Worker says that after 2-hour meeting, management changed nothing.


‘Everybody on my shift is incredibly stressed out’: Worker says that after 2-hour meeting, management changed nothing. If one person is out, she says, the whole team gets ‘overwhelmed’

‘I promise to spill the tea as soon as I can, I don’t plan on staying with them much longer.’


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Workplace burnout and understaffing are common issues that many employees face, but some employers seem to be unaware or uncaring of their impact.

That’s the case for one TikTok user who shared her dissatisfaction with her company’s lack of action and empathy.

TikToker @spacedouutt posted a video on June 30, revealing that she had sent an email to her employer several months prior alerting them to the high levels of stress and exhaustion that she and her co-workers were experiencing.

“Everybody on my shift is incredibly stressed out and burnt out because we are so vastly understaffed,” she said.

@spacedouutt At this point, I hope I get fired. So damn tired. #corporategreed #customerservice #wfhlife #wfh #badmanagement #toxicjob #toxicworkplace #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – spacedouutt

According to the TikToker, she was part of a two-hour meeting that resulted in “absolutely nothing.” In fact, “things got worse after that.” 

“They also don’t give a sh*t about our customers, and I promise you that most of you watching this are our customers,” the TikToker said cryptically, adding that she wished she could expose the company’s name, but feared getting fired or sued. However, the TikToker later promised to “spill the tea” once she finds a different job.

Additionally, the creator revealed that she sent a brand new email at the end of her shift, highlighting the staffing issue again, but received no response. “Unsurprisingly, there’s been no response from my employer. They don’t give a shit. They probably didn’t even read the f*cking email,” she said.

The video has accumulated over 10,600 views since going live, as well as dozens of comments from sympathetic viewers who urged the TikToker to quit or look for another job. Some also shared their own stories of dealing with similar situations.

“You should look for another job. The stress of hoping things can change is not worth it. It leaves you jaded. Pls protect your mental being,” one user wrote.

“Sounds exactly like the corp office I worked IT for. They fixed it by laying off the entire IT help desk for our stores. Unemployment weeeeee,” another commented.

“Quit. I was burnt out & being disrespected by management I left. I have a better job,” a third suggested.

Update, Saturday, July 8, 6:23 p.m CT: The creator, responding to a request for comment from the Daily Dot, said, “My performance has only partially gotten worse. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and it’s unfair to our customers to take my frustrations out on them. However I do call out or leave early more than I have at any other job. I don’t things will change enough for me to stay, so I am actively seeing employment elsewhere.”

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