Customer roasts Spotify after they announced free audiobooks

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‘Your library is already doing that’: Customer roasts Spotify after it announced 15 hours of free audiobooks

‘Literally, I’m begging people to get into their library.’


Charlotte Colombo


More than half a billion people around the world use Spotify, with over 100 million people in the U.S. using the app regularly.

By far, Spotify is the most widely-used and recognizable musical streaming service on the internet, but it has sparked debate recently after announcing that those subscribed to Spotify Premium can access 15 hours of free audiobook listening per month.

The feature, which is set to be rolled out in the U.S. later this year, will be available across 150,000 book titles—and for those wanting extra listening time before the month is up, they’ll need to pay $11 for 10 additional hours.

Like many social media users, TikToker @midwestbimbo was taken aback by the company’s foray into audiobooks, as she pointed out in a new video that libraries were already doing what Spotify is trying to do for a much lower price.

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“Utilize your library, I’m begging you,” she wrote in the TikTok’s description as she broke down various library apps that will allow you to borrow audiobooks and other items for free on the go.

Among her recommendations were the Libby app, which connects you to your local public library, the Kanopy app, which helps you stream TV series and movies, and Freegal for free streaming and music.

With so many people seemingly unaware of the extent of what their public library offers, viewers were sharing all kinds of tips and tricks in the comments about how to make the most of your local library.

For instance, several commenters pointed out that many libraries worked with the app Hoopla to provide free books and audiobooks, while another commenter pointed out that if your local library doesn’t have something in stock, you needn’t give up.

“If your local library doesn’t have what you like, you can request books, or you can share library cards with friends from different cities,” they explained.

Meanwhile, other viewers were just expressing shock at how Spotify only allowed 15 hours of audiobooks per month.

“15 hours? that’s barely anything, maybe two books a month,” one commenter pointed out. “I literally LOVE my library,” another added. “People need to realize that’s it one of our biggest free resources.”

The creator didn’t immediately respond to The Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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