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‘Idk why companies think this is so hard to just appreciate your employees’: Manager shows the ‘small’ things she does for her staff

‘I want them to feel as appreciated as possible.’


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Jun 3, 2023

A viral TikTok video featuring a manager sharing the small yet impactful ways she improves the working conditions for her staff has gone viral on the video-sharing platform and sparked a discussion in the comments.

The video, posted by Sierra Zagarri (@sierra_zagarri) on June 1, has quickly spread garnering over 4 million viewers in just two days.

In the video, Zagarri films herself talking about the benefits of working for her business, which span from little things like getting your favorite beverages, to paycheck bonuses.

@sierra_zagarri I want them to feel as appreciated as possible! When they are working, they are essentially watching my third baby! #indoorplayground #grandmasplayroom #smallbusinessowner ♬ original sound – Sierra Zagarri

“I give them PayPal thank-yous when they get a positive review that mentions them by name but I also will just send them money for lunch if they’re doing a really good job or coffee if they’re going above and beyond,” the TikToker says.

Sierra also claims that she sends money to employees on their birthdays, adding: “I had one employee turn 21 while she was working here and she was going out that night so of course I had to send her money so she could have the first round on me.”

The TikTok video quickly spread on the platform, with many TikTokers going to the comment section to question why such treatment isn’t the norm and complain about their own work environment.

“I’ve never had any boss go above like you do and I’m upset,” one commenter wrote.

A second commenter posted complained about their own manager’s lack of care, stating: “Our manager yelled at us for drinking damaged water that was going to get thrown out & they don’t provide us with any other water to drink.”

“Damn, my old boss bullied me for what I ate and drank,” another added.

In addition, someone else chimed in by saying, “One of my former bosses threatened to take me to court when my register was $10 short.”

“see if I was a business owner/manager. this is exactly how I’d wanna be,” one individual remarked.

Good bosses are good for business. As a McKinsey study noted: “Relationships with management are the top factor in employees’ job satisfaction, which in turn is the second most important determinant of employees’ overall well-being. According to our analysis, only mental health is more important for overall life satisfaction. Unfortunately, research also shows that most people find their managers to be far from ideal; for example, in a recent survey, 75 percent of survey participants said that the most stressful aspect of their job was their immediate boss.”

It comes down to trust. As Deloitte study found: “79 percent of employees who highly trust their employers felt motivated to work. In contrast, only 29 percent of workers who lacked trust in their employers felt similarly motivated.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sierra Zagarri via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Jun 3, 2023, 10:51 pm CDT