Woman says she used 50% code at Skims, was later charged the full amount

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‘My total was $676’: Woman says she used 50% code at Skims, was later charged the full amount

'This exact situation happened to me!'


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Posted on Mar 16, 2024   Updated on Mar 16, 2024, 2:06 pm CDT

SKIMS is a popular clothing brand founded by Kim Kardashian. Despite being a big name, the company has an average rating of 2.0 out of 5. Some of these complaints are going viral. For example, one customer received an empty gift bag as a PR stunt. Another customer paid $46 for a $4.90 bralette. And now TikTok user Taylor Wolfe Semonchuk (@taylorawolfe) is sharing her SKIMS nightmare after using the company’s 50% discount code on her order but being charged full price.

Because of a planned surgery next month, the content creator wanted to buy comfortable clothes. Once she purchased her items, she headed to the checkout screen. “I go to checkout and this code was automatically applied which gave me 50 percent off,” she said. Then, she pointed to the code above her on the SKIMS website. With the code applied, Semonchuk added more items to her order, with the total coming out to $319 before taxes.

After she paid for her stuff, she received a confirmation email. That’s when the nightmare began. “The discount code was not there and my total is $676,” she said. When Semonchuk emailed customer service, it only got worse. “They informed me that code is not a code that can be used outside of their company, even though it automatically applied to my cart,” she shared. “Like, that seems like a SKIMS problem, not a Taylor problem.”  

However, the problem escalated after the content creator requested a refund. “So, they give me the generic, like, ‘We’re sincerely apologizing,’” she said. Next, Semonchuk pointed to a sentence in their response. “Basically, we cannot cancel or modify your order once they’ve been placed.” In Semonchuk’s mind, SKIMS didn’t address the issue. “I agreed to pay $319, not $676,” she stated. “And now they are targeting me to return my order, will not refund my order, and will not grant the code that is online.” Overall, the content creator was feeling angry.

@taylorawolfe @SKIMS @Kim Kardashian make this right 😭 this seems like a major SCAM ALERT #skimsscam #skimscode #madcustomer #kimkardashian #skims #fraudalert🚨 ♬ original sound – Taylor Wolfe Semonchuk

In the caption, Semonchuk called out the SKIMS, tagging Kim Kardashian and the company. “make this right this seems like a major SCAM ALERT,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Semonchuk via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and SKIMS via contact form. The video has amassed over 855,000 views as of Saturday afternoon. In the comments, viewers urged Semonchuk to take action.

“Girl you have your screenshots and the emails. File a chargeback and keep the skims,” one viewer suggested.

“Dispute with your credit card company [then] file a claim with the BBB (Better Business Bureau),” a second urged.

“I would contact the Attorney General of your state? or maybe where skims is located. You can try the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but they’re kind of useless,” a third proposed.

However, Semonchuck was allegedly not the only one who dealt with this.

“i once emailed to cancel my order before it even processed and they still wouldn’t cancel it…they have the worst customer service lol,” one user shared.

“This exact situation happened to me! It went from like $85 to $213 even tho my confirmed payment was for $85. I’ve seen multiple people experience this, too!” another recalled.

After multiple updates, Semonchuk shared the final one. To make it up to the content creator, she said SKIMS would be able to return her items free of charge and get a full refund. Except for the pink sweatsuit she was wearing, she said she returned the items. “I marched my happy [expletive] straight to the USPS store,” she shared. Since she kept an outfit, the content creator had a $521.52 refund. Despite the order being in transit, Semonchuk never got her refund. 

To add insult to injury, she had to pay a $6 return shipping fee. “So, not only did I not get my free return, I have not gotten my money back and it’s been in transit, headed back to their warehouse,” she added. This left Semonchuk frustrated with SKIMS.

@taylorawolfe Replying to @Taylor Wolfe Semonchuk #greenscreen its still a @SKIMS and @Kim Kardashian probelm. They really just seize to amaze me!!!! #skimsscam #skims #skimscode #skimscustomerservice #kimkardashian ♬ original sound – Taylor Wolfe Semonchuk
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*First Published: Mar 16, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT