Server waits on man she had 2 dates with, and his wife. Here's how she made it 'as awkward as possible'

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‘I literally did everything I could’: Server waits on man she had 2 dates with, and his wife. Here’s how she made it ‘as awkward as possible’

'The universe intervened.'


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Posted on Nov 9, 2023   Updated on Nov 9, 2023, 6:18 pm CST

A server says she found out the man she was seeing had a wife after they came into the restaurant she worked at to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.

To make matters more awkward, the couple was seated at one of her tables, so she had to wait on them all night. She said she did everything she could to make the man feel uncomfortable, but after posting a viral storytime video on TikTok, viewers think she should’ve taken her revenge a step further. 

In her video, which was viewed over 19,000 times in under a day, Cassey (@casseysjourney) says she met the man at a bar. They exchanged phone numbers, went on two dates, and continued talking. 

“But then he brings his wife into the restaurant that I worked at,” she says. 

Cassey says the man didn’t know she worked there. “The universe intervened, and I just happened to be given their table,” she says.

Cassey says that after the couple was seated in her section, the man appeared sweating and nervous. “I realized that I have the upper hand in the situation,” she says. 

She says she did everything she could to “make it as awkward as possible” for him.  

“I complimented his wife,” she says. “I told her how beautiful she was, because she was.”

Cassey says she asked the wife how long the two had been together. “‘Oh, this is our fourth wedding anniversary,’” she recalls his wife telling her. 

Cassey makes a shocked face while looking at the camera. “So this woman had substantial time invested in this man, OK?” she says.

Cassey says she told her co-workers about what was happening and they made “it a point to just stare this man down everytime they walked by the table.”

“I’m just looking at him, shaking my head,” Cassey demonstrates.

Cassey says she wrote “Happy Wedding Anniversary” on a card to give to them at the end of their meal and dropped the check off at the table.

“‘You have such an amazing wife, I hope you guys have the greatest marriage ever,’” she recalls telling the man. “‘Make sure you come see me next year. We’ll do it again.’”

Cassey says she believes the man was waiting for her to expose him the whole time and that she refrained from doing so because “I didn’t want to do that to her.”

Cassey says the man tipped her 100% for their meal that night. “We all joked that that was like his hush money,” she adds.

She ends her video by saying that she’s been going to her usual bars and hasn’t seen the man since. “I guess he learned his lesson,” she says.

Some viewers criticized Cassey for her decision to not tell the wife. “So you just didn’t do anything to help her,” TikToker @kedvicious3 said. 

“You had the opportunity to save her possible years of wasted time with him…should have told her. I regret the wasted time,” @jilly.w4 added. 

Cassey made a follow-up video in response to the critics. 

“Y’all have to remember I’m at my place of work at this time, OK?” she says. 

Defending herself, Cassey says she’s a newly single mom of three, just moved into an apartment, and could not afford to lose her job. “Had circumstances been different, and we ran into each other at the bar somewhere,” Cassey says she would have outed him.  

“I didn’t wanna risk a scene,” she adds.

Cassey emphasizes that she understands the viewers’ frustrations because this happened to her in her previous marriage. “But again,” she says, “I didn’t want to make it more complicated.” 

One viewer came to Cassey’s defense, saying, “You handled it perfectly for the situation. I really hope that the wife has seen this now.”

Another supporter said, “How you handled it was the right way, it gave him something to think about when he left the restaurant.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Cassey via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 9, 2023, 11:00 pm CST