Server inside of restaurant takes order for customer and fills cup to the very brim


‘Go ahead and top it off there’: Server slams customers who order water and want it full to the very brim

‘Well now you spilled it.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok, a content creator shows some of the annoying things restaurant servers have to put up with when dealing with customers.

In the video, Nick Biaggi (@nxckbiaggi) is dressed up like a waiter in black pants and a black button-down shirt. He even has what appears to be a pen clipped to his belt.

At first, he calmly takes down an order for a bacon mushroom cheeseburger. When the customer asks for the burger without bacon, Nick dutifully makes a note of it. It’s then when the order starts to take a turn for the ridiculous, a feeling that is evident through Nick’s facial expression.

The person proceeds to remove everything that makes it a specialty burger, including the mushroom, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bun.

“Did you just want to order something different?” Nick asks.

The skit is a dig at diners who modify their meals to the point that they don’t remotely resemble what they originally ordered.

In the next scene, Nick goes by the same table and refills the person’s water cup. Despite the water being about an inch from the brim, the customer keeps asking for “a little bit more” water and Nick looks at her in disbelief. “Go ahead and top it off there,” she says, requesting more and more water until the cup overflows.

“Now you spilled it,” the person says.

“Yeah, I wonder why,” Nick responds.

@nxckbiaggi Really had me fill it to the brim 😅 #restaurant #topitoff #water ♬ original sound – Nick Biaggi

The video has nearly 2 million views and more than 630 comments.

“Really had me fill it to the brim,” the caption reads.

Nick is a popular TikToker who primarily produces comedic content on a wide range of topics, from what it’s like to work in certain industries to the experience of joining a book club and never actually reading the book. He has more than half a million followers on TikTok.

“Whoever does the voice is perfect at sounding like a Karen, and his actin has me believing I’m going thru it with him lol,” a commenter wrote.

Others in the comments shared their own food modification experiences.

“First one reminds me of when a customer ordered pasta with no noodles just the sauce,” a person said.

“Yesterday I went to a restaraunt and ordered a salad – i said “no onions or green peppers please” and i was too scared to say a third item so I just took the hard boiled egg off the salad,” another shared.

“One time when I was working a lady ordered cherry chocolate pancakes without cherry which is literally chocolate chip pancakes,” a worker wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nick via TikTok comment.

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