server catches large party trying to leave without paying


‘Stayed 3 hours past my shift for nothing chile’: Server catches party of 12 dining and dashing on $600 tab

'They knew exactly what they were doing the moment they got there.'


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Posted on Jul 5, 2023

A server recently filmed a viral clip showing a party of 12 trying to dine and dash after wracking up a $598 tab.

TikToker Nyzeeria C (@nyzeeria) filmed the nightmare customers as they attempted to flee the restaurant after she had worked an additional three hours past her shift to serve them. The video had been viewed 1.8 million times as of this writing.


stayed 3 hours past my shift for nothing chile

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In the short clip, Nyzeeria chased the customers down after they walked out of the restaurant without paying. A white text overlay read, “POV you served a party of 12 who ran up a $598 tab and left thinking they wouldn’t get caught.”

The video showed a large family with small children walking quickly through the parking lot. When one of the children spotted her, she ran back to her family. Multiple phones were being pointed at Nyzeeria as she documented their attempt at a dine and dash. The final clip shows two police cruisers pulling up with their lights flashing.

After multiple users asked the server to elaborate on the viral clip, Nyzeeria posted a second video detailing the incident. At the time of this writing, the follow-up had been viewed over 103,000 times.

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“This all took place on June 7th,” Nyzeeria explained. “I was working a double that day and I was supposed to be getting off work when my manager told me I was getting seated with this last table.”

“These people were ordering alcoholic beverages off rip,” Nyzeeria added, as she began to paint a picture of a rowdy table with unending demands. “Mind you guys they’d just come from the bar. So, I go get the drinks, come back with the drinks, then they want to order food. So, I take their food order, go put the food order in, and go back to the table and they want more drinks. It’s just a whole back-and-forth thing of me coming to the table and them wanting drinks.”

The server said she began to worry about the level of alcohol the customers were consuming and went to speak with her manager. “At a certain point, they were at like 8 drinks per person. I told my manager I thought they had too many drinks. They were belligerent.”

“My manager basically agreed that they were at their limit and we could not serve them anymore,” she said.

However, when she informed the table that she could not serve them any more drinks, they reportedly became angry and demanded to speak to Nyzeeria’s manager. “All hell broke loose,” she said.

Nyzeeria said the table proceeded to lie to her manager, claiming, among other things, that they did not receive all of their food. They made up meals that didn’t exist on the menu. Eventually, they just refused to pay their bill and tried to dine and dash.

“My manager wanted me to get their tag numbers,” Nyzeeria explained about her original video in which she chased after the customers through the parking lot. But after she and her coworker followed the family to their cars parked half a mile away, the server concluded that “these people came in with the intention to not pay.”

Frustrated with the dine and dash family, Nyzeeria called the police herself to inform them of their whereabouts.

When the officers arrived, they escorted Nyzeeria and her customers back to the restaurant where her manager also confirmed the story to the authorities.

After more arguing and lies from the customers, which Nyzeeria was easily able to refute with video evidence that she had filmed earlier that evening, the officers finally handed the restaurant manager a card for payment. However, the police informed the restaurant staff, the family could only afford half the bill.

Nyzeeria ends her tale with a simple statement: ” I did not get a tip, I did not get anything. I stayed hours past my shift for nothing.”

Commenters were on the server’s side and believed her when she said that the customers always intended to dine and dash without paying.

“Manager is 100% liable, they should never have been sat at a table after leaving the bar. smh. I’m sorry you dealt with that bs,” one user said.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that, they knew exactly what they were doing the moment they got there,” another added.

“Feels like they came in knowing they weren’t gonna pay and we’re trying to find reasons not to pay for everything,” a user agreed.

Another commenter summed up what most viewers felt. “As a previous server, I am sorry because that is the worst! good for you for not allowing them to get away with it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Nyzeeria via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 5, 2023, 6:59 pm CDT