country club worker shares how rich people behave

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‘Here’s how to seem richer than you actually are’: Country club worker shares subtle behavioral traits that rich people have

'I don't want to SEEM richer I want to BE richer.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 15, 2023

A country club worker has gone viral for sharing her observations on the behaviors rich people exhibit that typically set them apart from others—even some of their wealthy peers.

TikTok user Bella Dane (@spicybells) posted her video on the subject on Aug. 15. As of Friday, it has over 12 million views.

“Here’s how to seem richer than you actually are,” Dane began the clip. She explained that she recently started working at a country club that attracted “new money” and “old money” members. Dane said there were “obvious” differences in the two groups, then launched into her observations of how people with old money typically behave.

@spicybells These are just my opinions based of things I’ve noticed ! #wealth #rich #mindsetofrich ♬ original sound – Bella Dane

First, the old money crowd “always” introduced themselves by first and last name with “a lot of pride and a nice, firm handshake.”

Next, the content creator observed how old money tended to “speak slowly, confidently, and calmly,” though not always. Still, she noted that they are usually “not rushing to get through a conversation,” adding, “Most of them seem to be really good listeners.”

Up next was fashion. Most old money “do not wear big a** brand logos, like, plastered all over their purses and their belt,” Dane noted. “Money talks, but wealth is silent.” Instead, these people tend to wear “very stylish,” “well-made clothing,” with “no brand logo.”

Furthermore, Dane observed that the wealthy usually have “refined palettes” and are typically knowledgeable about food and alcohol. However, that doesn’t stop them from ordering “nachos and things like that.”

When it comes to making an entrance, wealthy people are “never on their phone,” Dane said. “They’re definitely making sure that they’re, like, prepared and put together before they enter the room.” She added that they typically walk into a place with “their chin up” while looking around and smiling.

Moreover, they tend to be “very interactive with the bartender and staff,” she said. The “really, really wealthy” members are “always nice.”

Viewers in the comments section agreed with the TikToker’s observations.

“OLD money is quiet. NEW money is LOUD!” one commenter wrote.

“I literally worked at one this summer and wow! the way they carry themselves was shell shocking,” a second shared.

In addition, others proposed why old money behaves this way.

“Bc their last name holds power. like Vanderbilt or something,” one user commented.

“Think what she describes old money comes down to just being a decent human being in general, which unfortunately isn’t so common in this generation,” a second added.

The Daily Dot contacted Dane via TikTok comment and direct message for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2023, 5:03 pm CDT