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‘Everything’s empty’: Customers get excited to go to revolving sushi bar. It doesn’t go as expected 

'Not doing great rn.'


Amara Thomas


Posted on Dec 27, 2023   Updated on Dec 27, 2023, 10:09 am CST

In a viral video, TikToker Sam (@samsammaa) says she was excited to visit a revolving sushi bar—only to be met with disappointment. 

Originating in Japan, revolving sushi bars are restaurants where the sushi is served on a conveyor belt that runs throughout the establishment. At these sushi bars, customers choose a table along the conveyor belt and retrieve any dish they wish. The staff continuously replenishes the belt, offering endless food and options. 

Yet, Sam’s experience was different. In her video, she and a friend are seated at a table at the end of the revolving belt. She’s excited and pans to the belt, only to see there are only empty containers left on the belt. 

“When you were excited to go to a revolving sushi bar for the first time but you get seated at the end of the conveyer belt so everything is empty by the time it gets to you,” the text overlay reads.

Due to Sam and her friend being seated at the end of the revolving belt by the time the food makes it to them, nothing is left. Her excitement is squashed, as the caption of her video reads, “Not doing great right now.” 


not doing great rn

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The viral video has 411,000 views and around 70 comments. Many viewers empathized with Sam’s experience. Some provided tips and tricks for her to have a better experience in the future. 

In her video, above the moving conveyor belt, there is a scene depicting what appears to be a menu. Many viewers suggested that that is where she can place an order and bypass the belt. While most revolving sushi bars have a conveyor belt, they often allow customers to also order specific items. 

“Do u see that platform above it? That’s where sushi can come out if u order it. Just get what u want,” one viewer recommended. Another implied that ordering directly is better than the belt. “Girl, I wouldn’t even get the food off the conveyor belt. Just order from the screen. The stuff circling ain’t the freshest,” they claimed.

However, some viewers disagreed, suggesting not using the belt kills the fun. “‘Just order it’ Where is the whimsy in that,” one shared. 

Others related to Sam’s experience and shared similar frustrations. “Literally me and my boyfriend yesterday because the table in front of us took almost EVERY plate,” one commented.  

The Daily Dot reached out to Sam for comment via TikTok.

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*First Published: Dec 27, 2023, 3:30 pm CST