Liquor store owner shows the 5 canned cocktails with the most alcohol


‘Those cutwaters had me fighting for my life man’: Liquor store owner shows the 5 canned cocktails with the most alcohol



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Canned cocktails have made a huge impact on the market. With a wide array of flavors, brands, and styles, their popularity is off the charts. Many people were introduced to canned cocktails during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they were forced to stay home. Now, customers have grown accustomed to having well-crafted cocktails within easy reach. 

But with so many options to pick from, it can be hard to know which canned drinks are best. That’s why Big Bear (@bigbearwine), a Colorado Wine & Liquor store owner, recently posted a viral TikTok video to help. 

In short, he listed five canned cocktails that he said contain the most alcohol—and still taste delicious. As of Monday evening, his video had over 1.6 million views. 

@bigbearwine 5 canned Cocktails with the most Alcohol #liquorstore #liquor #whiskey #whiterussian #longislandicedtea ♬ original sound – Big Bear

In the video, Big Bear went from the lowest to highest alcohol content, introducing viewers to a slew of options. He began with Ole Smoky Blackberry Lemonade and Mountain Rita. He then rounded out his list with a crowd favorite: Cutwater. His top two picks were The Long Island Iced Tea at 13.2% and the White Russian at 14%. 

With the Long Island Iced Tea, however, Big Bear pointed out a caveat: While melted ice typically affects the alcohol content of these drinks, canned cocktails are immune from such issues. 

“I’m sure you’re thinking when I get a Long Island Iced Tea at the bar it’s way more than 20% alcohol by volume, but no. That’s five ounces of liquid and ice. If you drank the whole can, then you’re well ahead with the canned cocktail,” Big Bear explained.

Big Bear’s video sparked a discussion on viewers’ favorite canned cocktail drinks. 

“Love the Cutwater Lime Margarita. That has a high alcohol volume like the White Russian one,” one user said. 

“Cutwater mango margs are my fave,” another proclaimed. 

“White Russian for the win every time!” a third user agreed.

And, sure enough, a handful of users even gave their own recommendations for strong canned cocktail drinks. Some even backed Big Bear’s suggestions. 

“Those cutwaters had me fighting for my life man,” one user noted. 


The Daily Dot has reached out to Big Bear via email.

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