Handyman working on client's bathroom installs new sink; Green Bowl Sink


‘I will never hire this guy again’: Handyman works on client’s bathroom. Their sink is a salad bowl

'If it works, it works.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Oct 28, 2023

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after revealing an interesting renovation that one resident made to their home.

In a video with over 1.6 million views, content aggregator @thecannedmemes shares a video of a handyman entering a bathroom. The sink is bright green and is not properly affixed to the counter.

“Here’s one I haven’t seen before,” the handyman says. He then tucks the camera under the sink to reveal the price tag of the sink basin. “This sink is actually a salad bowl.”

@thecannedmemes I searched 2 years for the bowl #funnyvideos #salatbowl #sink ♬ Originalton – Canned Memes

“That’s a 14 inch salad bowl,” the handyman continues, jiggling the basin.

This isn’t the first questionable renovation to go viral on TikTok. There’s a common trend on the platform in which users share the “landlord specials” they have discovered in their apartments. These can include poor paint jobs, unsafe building standards, and more.

For example, one user on the platform discovered that her wall’s peculiar texture was likely due to the previous owner covering a hole with paper. Another claimed that, before moving in, their landlord repainted the apartment without first cleaning it—leading to the landlord painting over a significant amount of hair.

In @thecannedmemes’ comments section, users were surprised by how good this renovation looked, given that it was a salad bowl.

“Not gunna lie actually looks fancy,” said a user.

“Actually looks pretty unique,” added another. “I like it.”

“Honestly it doesn’t look that bad,” echoed a third.

“I dig it. Every other sink is way too expensive now,” offered a further TikToker. “Just secure and seal that bad boy.”

Using bowls as sinks is not uncommon, and there are many tutorials online showing how one can turn a bowl into a usable sink.

However, the sinks featured in these tutorials are generally made out of metal, and as many commenters pointed out, problems can arise from using a plastic salad bowl as a sink.

“That’s only going to work till the plastic gets brittle and cracks or just cracks on its own,” stated a commenter.

“Plastic absorbs bacteria also. and replacing bowls [isn’t] eco friendly,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thecannedmemes via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 28, 2023, 8:05 am CDT