Woman moves into new apartment, brings '50' air purifiers so neighbors don't catch her smoking

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‘Just get a smoke buddy’: Woman moves into new apartment, brings ‘like 50’ air purifiers so neighbors don’t catch her smoking

'I just be hitting it on the patio or in my car.'


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Posted on Sep 10, 2023   Updated on Sep 10, 2023, 9:32 am CDT

Love smoking, but don’t feel like heading outside every time you want to toke up, but also don’t want to deal with your neighbors complaining about the smell?

If you’ve faced this conundrum before, then you’ve probably checked out different ways to get your smoke on without catching the attention of neighbors. If you’ve got a ton of coupons for air purifiers lying around, you may want to follow this TikToker’s sister’s lead and deck out your place with air filters.

TikToker @nothingn1ce uploaded a clip that’s garnered over 1 million views where she shows off her sibling’s excessive attempts at curbing the smoke smell from her unit.

@nothingn1ce She is crazy 😭😭😭😭 #fyp #airpurifier #newapartment #nosmoking #fyp ♬ original sound – 🧞‍♀️

The TikToker records herself walking around her sister’s new apartment, showing off a host of air purifiers littered around the place. They’re placed on the floor, on couches, and countertops, and are a variety of different shapes and sizes.

POV: when your sister just moved into her new apartment & brought like 50 air purifiers so the neighbors don’t smell her smoking,” she says.

If you like smoking indoors and are living in a non-smoking building, there are some purifiers that may work better than others in reducing that smokey stank. Oransi writes that there are models especially designed to filter out smoke smells, but generally speaking filters that have a higher MERV rating will be more effective at doing away with these particular odors.

US News also compiled a list of some of its favorite air purifiers that are effective at filtering out smoke and put this $200 Conway Airmega option at the top of the list. It should be noted, however, that when it comes to cigarette smoke, there’s no surefire way to filter out every particle that passes through the air, The New York Times states.

The outlet indicates that while most HEPA air filters “will do a very good job of eliminating the cigarette-smoke particles it encounters…because the majority of these particles fall in the 0.1 to 0.5 micron range, which HEPA filters are exceptionally good at capturing,” that folks may need to do a bit of extra work to filter out as many smoke particles as possible. One may need a HEPA filter that also contains a “chemical absorbent” like “activated charcoal” that usually does a great job of filtering out other nasty bits released into the air from cigarette smoke.

Viewers couldn’t understand why the TikToker’s sister had so many air purifiers placed randomly throughout her new apartment and said that she should’ve just gotten a smoke buddy and maybe 2-3 purifiers, max.

“All she needs is a device called a smoke buddy and like 2-3 purifiers,” one person wrote.

Someone else penned, “A smoke buddy, close the vents, open the windows, point a fan towards the window (small room ofc).”

Another suggested, “She should just get a carbon filter they use in grows. It helps a lot.”

There were tons of other ideas folks had that didn’t include hiding air purifiers all over the place.

“Pick a room get a window fan and smoke odor candles youll be good just clean the walls frequently , this gunna run the light bill up,” a user advised.

The smoke buddy product numerous folks referenced is a personal gas mask of sorts—all smokers need to do is grab the buddy and exhale into it in order to reduce both smoke and odor, like this one YouTuber demonstrates here. Like any air filter, the buddy has a limited number of uses and is estimated at 300 exhales or more. So if you’re planning on getting one of these and toking up indoors a lot, you may want to purchase yourself some replacement filters.

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*First Published: Sep 10, 2023, 9:31 am CDT