Customer calls out Mission Tortillas for now selling 2 types of flavored tortillas

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‘Who did this!?!?’: Customer calls out Mission Tortillas for now selling 2 types of flavored tortillas

'What in the caucasity?'


Eric Webb


Posted on Aug 28, 2023

If there’s something food manufacturers love in the 21st century, it’s making one thing taste like another thing, regardless of reason. Take pumpkin spice hummus, for example. Did somebody want that? Well, Lantana made it.

TikTok creator @onyxsonal recently posted a viral video showing two examples of this trend. The video has 133,000 views as of Monday.

@onyxsonal who did this!?!?! who is buying these? what is happening.#tortillas #whodidthis#explainyourself ♬ original sound – Onyxsonal Emerald Ma

In the video, @onyxsonal first shows a stack of Mission-brand flour tortillas at a grocery store. The tortillas are ‘everything bagel’ flavored, and the creator reacts with shock. Then they say, “Oh, it gets better,” before panning to a sack of sweet Hawaiian-flavored flour tortillas.

The creator wrote in the caption, “Who did this!?!?! who is buying these? what is happening.”

One commenter wrote, “Is this in the Caucasian aisle at Albertson’s?” More than one viewer referenced the “white people taco night” meme.

“Where the pumpkin spice,” another viewer wrote, a question echoed throughout the comments.

Perhaps surprisingly, a lot of commenters leaped to the defense of the everything bagel and sweet Hawaiian flavored tortillas—one person said the latter was “fire.”

“Ok, I had the same reaction to the everything bagel, and then bought them and made breakfast tacos… they were amazing,” someone commented. Another commenter replied, “Okay, might have to try with a smashed avocado and egg.”

“I did sweet Hawaiian, some Nutella, folded and then air fried,” another comment read.

A viewer said, “You’re right it does get better sweet Hawaiian sounds even more amazing than everything bagel.”

“Those are always sold out where I live it’s crazy,” a comment read.

“I eat the Hawaiian ones with just peanut butter. makes a great snack,” another person commented.

There was a little bit of dissent, like this comment, “I tried the everything bagel ones and they had such a weird aftertaste. It was a huge bummer.”

“Definitely need cool ranch to be a choice,” one culinary visionary commented.

On the Mission Foods website, the product description for the sweet Hawaiian tortillas reads, “Why should bread have all the fun? Our new Sweet Hawaiian Street Tacos pack big island flavor in a small street taco size. These tasty flour tortillas are perfectly sweet and super soft. Try with some pulled pork and pineapple for a tropical-twist on taco night. Bring a little aloha to your table tonight.”

And the company touts the Everything bagel variety as such, “Enjoy a new flavor that leaves nothing out with Mission® Everything Bagel Street Tacos. Infused with the flavors of savory onion flakes, garlic flakes, pretzel salt, and pepper, they’re delicious and perfectly sized for a quick breakfast taco or savory snack.” The website points out that the tortillas do not contain sesame or poppy seeds, typically hallmarks of an everything bagel.

The Mission website recommends recipes for each of the specialty tortilla flavors. Customers might try mini dessert pizzas with Nutella or citrus pico Hawaiian pork tacos on the sweet Hawaiian. The everything bagel tortillas, fittingly, are recommended for use with smoked salmon breakfast tacos.

According to an Axios article reporting on the Specialty Food Association trade show this summer, weird flavors are invading the market more than ever. “To keep younger consumers interested, food purveyors are trotting out all sorts of mash-ups,” the news outlet reports.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok and Mission Foods via email. 

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2023, 11:56 am CDT