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‘I would never purchase a Ford’: Former mechanic shares which car brands are not worth the money

‘Honestly surprised about the Volvos!’


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“I would never purchase a Ford car” is the advice shared by former mechanic and TikToker Tee (@teetwotymess), who gave her firsthand knowledge on which car brands are not worth the money in a now-viral video.

“I have so many horror stories when it comes to ‘I take care of my car’ people,” writes Tee in the clip’s on-screen caption. 

In the over 3-minute video, which received more than 1 million views and 186,100 likes as of publication, Tee breaks down the most common issues with specific car brands she believed to be the worst cars to own. 

She explained that she was a mechanic for five years and has spent most of her career in the car industry. Based on her experience, Tee said that brands like Jeep, Volvo, and Ford typically have poorly made vehicles. However, she noted that Ford trucks are better than the brand’s other car body styles.

“But when it comes down to cars, you can never fail with a Toyota or a Honda,” she claimed. 

Another notion that Tee stressed was urging people to stop buying used Mercedes-Benz and Tesla vehicles. 

“You are going to waste your money,” voiced Tee.

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Many viewers in the comments section asked about other car brands like Mazda, Infiniti, and BMW, wondering whether they are reliable. 

“So nobody gon ask about Mazda? … please is madza okay?” questioned one viewer. 

“I would never get another American car as long as I live. My Chevy has coolant leaks all the time they always come back,” another viewer replied. 

Other viewers remarked on Tee’s credibility, stating that her five years of experience was not enough.

“Lmao 5 years ain’t sh*t and by your response your clueless to the field 35 years of experience stop giving bad advice,” one viewer commented.

Tee responded to naysayers in other TikTok videos on her page, claiming that she’s done “arguing with grown men who are mad cause I know a lil something about cars.” 

According to an article from USA Today, J.D. Power uses its studies, analytics, and technology to measure the most dependable car brands on the market in 2023. 

“The Toyota C-HR and Lexus RX were tied for the highest-ranked models for dependability in the study, each with 111 problems per 100 cars,” states USA Today. Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi, Lincoln, and Land Rover were the lowest-ranked brands, with problems per vehicle ranging from 240 to 273.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tee (@teetwotymess) via TikTok comment. 

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