McDonald's customer orders secret $5 combo at drive thru—it works

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‘This deal is on the McDonald’s app’: McDonald’s customer orders secret $5 combo at drive thru—it works

‘That would be almost $10 in California’


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Foodies on TikTok are always looking for great deals at fast food chains that give the most bang for your buck. The latest revelation comes from a user who says she discovered a secret $5 combo at McDonald’s that’s reportedly not on the regular menu.

The video by TikTok user Brittney (@becomin_a_saint) was posted on Sept. 15, and has already amassed more than 288,400 views in less than 24 hours.

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“Do you know McDonald’s has a $5 meal that’s not on the menu?” Brittney says in the video, filming herself in her car at a McDonald’s drive thru.

She then whispers, “Watch,” before driving up to the speaker system. She asks for the “$5 meal”, and the worker offers her a choice of a double cheeseburger or a McChicken. She picks the double cheeseburger, but also gets McNuggets with honey mustard as the sauce and picks Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as her drink.

The video then cuts to her at home, where she shows the contents of her McDonald’s bag. “OK so a $5 meal gets you. I guess it’s either a double cheeseburger or a McChicken, so we got the double cheeseburger. We got chicken nuggets, not sure if it’s 4 or 6, it looks like 4.” The TikToker also confirms that small fries and a large Hi-C drink are part of the meal.

Many viewers were impressed by the deal and thanked Brittney for sharing it. “Thanks for the info. My kids order this at Wendy’s now they can at McDonald’s,” one commenter said.

Others were shocked by how cheap the deal was compared to their local prices. “Just a double cheeseburger at my McDonald’s is $4.89 before tax,” another user said.

“Where do you live… Like what state because that would be almost $10 in California,” a third commenter wrote.

One viewer claimed that the deal was not a secret but rather an offer available on the McDonald’s app. “This deal is on the McDonald’s app,” they wrote.

Brittany quickly replied, writing, “Oh ours won’t let [us] use that idk [why].”

It appears that the meal option is only available in specific regions.

However, not everyone on TikTok is finding such great deals, with some customers expressing frustration over McDonald’s prices. Recently, one TikToker went viral after claiming they were charged a whopping $9.87 for three hash browns.

The Daily Dot reached out to Brittney via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via its press email for comment.

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