3 McDonald's hash browns for $9.87

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‘This should be half that at most’: McDonald’s drive-thru customer shocked when 3 hash browns are $9.87

'Does anybody else remember when they were 2 for $1?'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Sep 15, 2023

A McDonald’s customer has gone viral for sharing the price of hash browns in her city. Many viewers could not believe how much the item’s cost varies by location. 

TikTok user Jammie (@xxxjamdizzle2.oxxx) posted the video on Friday and has received over 175,000 views in less than 24 hours.

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In the clip, Jammie addresses a comment from a previous video that says, “3 hashbrowns is 4 dollars, nice try.” 

Jammie responds by saying the price “varies at different locations.” To prove her point, she goes to a McDonald’s drive-thru and tells an employee, “I don’t wanna order this; I just wanna know if you could tell me the price of three hash browns.”

The employee says that one hash brown costs $3.29, so three would come out to $9.87.

In another video, presumably filmed at a different location, the price is even higher. Jammie explains that she can’t order three hash browns since she’s at the restaurant after breakfast, so the employee just rings her up and tells her the cost. “$10.17 plus tax, so probably around $11.00,” the employee says. 

Viewers in the comments section shared their thoughts on the potatoes’ price.

“What city is this? This should be half that at most,” one commenter asked. Jammie replied that the locations she went to were in San Diego.

The majority of viewers said McDonald’s hash browns in their city cost around $2.00 each. “Hash browns in Port Orange, FL are $1.79,” one wrote. 

“Hashbrowns in Ohio are $1.89,” another said. “$1.79 each at Michigan McDonald’s,” a further agreed. 

A handful of viewers thought Jammie’s $9.87 price was a great deal. One viewer said three hash browns cost “$18.45 before tax where I live.” 

“$18 where I’m at,” another said. 

Several other commenters suggested that Jammie use the McDonald’s mobile app to save money on her visits to the restaurant.

“I just got 2 hash browns and 4 sausage biscuits for like $8. Are y’all not using the app?” one viewer asked. “No,” Jammie replied. 

“Use the app you get 20% off,” another said. 

The Daily Dot contacted Jammie via TikTok direct message for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2023, 3:09 pm CDT