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‘You get a better Big Mac in the suburbs’: Customer compares identical orders in ‘ghetto’ and suburban McDonald’s. He gets Quarter Pounder patties

'It’s called a Quarter Pounder Mac!!! Next…'


Beau Paul


Posted on Jul 9, 2023

Does it make a difference where you order your Big Mac? A video posted June 6 by TikToker @igotdamunchies1 aka Louie says that the old saying “location, location, location” isn’t just about real estate. It may also have to do with how much special sauce and fries you’re getting in your fast food order.

In his video, which has more than 465,000 views, Louie unboxes two separate but identical McDonald’s orders consisting of fries and a Big Mac. Or at least they’re supposed to be identical.

Louie points out several differences in consistency and quality between the two meals, one of which was purchased at a suburban location and the other in an inner city (or in his words, “ghetto”) location.

@igotdamunchies1 I got da munchies out here doing a comparison video ghetto vs suburban McDonald’s #statenisland #foodie #foodietiktok #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Louie

Louie first goes on to compare the two orders of fries. The so-called “ghetto” fries show a fair amount of space left in the container. Louie states, “You definitely get more french fries in there,” referring to the carton from the suburban location. However, Louie never put the two cartons next to each other; it is difficult to compare the two orders. He states in the video that there are more fries left at the bottom of the bag ordered at the suburban store.

The real difference appears to be the size of the burger meat used in the two Big Macs. Louie displays the Big Mac from the inner city location which appears like a typical Big Mac. Two beef patties, lettuce, Big Mac Sauce, and buns. However, the beef patties on the suburban Big Mac appear to be much bigger. “You gotta go to the suburbs if your going to go to McDonalds,” Louie says. “You get a better Big Mac in the suburbs.”

While the difference between the burgers is substantial, many are calling out Louie in the comments for what appears to be an important substitution in the second Big Mac. “Those are quarter-pounder patties,” notes user @justtoncat. “That’s a double qtr [pounder]with Mac sauce,” @oxygenbae2 commented. And user @txswampboi435 denounced the video with “Man quit playing you know that’s Quarter pounder meat on there!!”

Although it is not an official menu item, it is indeed possible to order a Big Mac, which comes standard with 1/10 pound patties, with quarter-pound patties according to the Huffington Post. The “secret menu” hack is none as a Quarter Mack or as a McKinley or Denali Mac due to the modded burger being originally sold as a menu item in Alaska only.

It is not known if Louie intended his video a legitimate comparison or as humor. The Daily Dot has reached out to both he and McDonald’s for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 9, 2023, 1:03 pm CDT