viewers defend McDonald’s worker for clocking out while team is short staffed

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‘Making food before I go too’: Viewers defend McDonald’s worker for clocking out while team is short staffed

'I started at 6 I ain’t staying one minute more.'


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Aug 20, 2023

Many workers, but in particular food service industry workers, face unpredictable schedules and duties. But one McDonald’s employee is viral for putting himself first by clocking out while the team is short staffed.

TikTok user papascolvin posted a video that shows himself clocking out at the end of his shit. The text overlay reads, “Im not clocking out if we’re short staffed.” Unlike his co-workers, apparently, papascolvin does not feel guilty for protecting his time. “I am,” he says in the video. “I am.”

@papascolvin YALL short staffed not me im off😭 #fyp #foryou #trend #trending #viral ♬ original sound – 🥷🏽’s ain’t 💩

In the caption, he writes, “YALL short staffed not me im off.” The video has amassed more than 99,000 views since it was posted on Aug. 18. In the comments, plenty of food service industry workers said they can relate to the sentiment.”

“Making food before I go too,” writes Cecelia.

“Shii better call Ronald,” CAM suggests.

“Me too. Bye y’all,” wrote one user.

“I started at 6 I ain’t staying one minute more,” another user agreed.

One commenter had a word for co-workers who stay to help the team: “Whoever stay is a fool.”

“I’m f*cking mcleaving,” joked user Jason. User dani had a similar idea: “I’m mcgoing to my house tf.”

Managerial expectations concerning clocking in and out are a constant source of frustration for many workers. One CVS worker reported last year that her manager scolded her for clocking out at the designated end time of her shift. Earlier this month, a redditor claimed that they were docked an entire hours’ pay after clocking out a single minute early. 

And papascolvin isn’t alone in fighting back in the name of self-care. Just weeks ago a TikTok user went viral after claiming her barista clocked out in the middle of a drink order.

The Daily Dot reached out to papas via TikTok for comment.

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*First Published: Aug 20, 2023, 7:13 pm CDT