McDonald’s drive thru sauce hack to make sure you actually get your sauce

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McDonald’s drive-thru customer shares sauce hack to make sure you actually get your sauce in the bag

"Act like you f*cking love that sauce"


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Sep 24, 2023

In a TikTok, a McDonald’s customer shared how she makes sure she has enough sauce for her nuggets when ordering from the drive-thru.

In the video, Jazz (@budtenderjazzyy) explained that one of the experiences that most irks her is when she gets food from a fast food restaurant only to discover that the sauce she ordered with her meal is nowhere to be found.

“I have a hack to help you so that never happens again,” Jazz said.

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In her example scenario, Jazz ordered a 10-piece chicken nugget meal, which typically comes with two sauces. Instead of getting the meal and looking through the food bag to make sure the sauces are there, Jazz tells viewers to immediately ask the worker if they can have an extra sauce.

“Act like you f*cking love that sauce,” Jazz said.

She said that 90% of the time that extra sauce is all the sauce she receives. In fact, her McDonald’s meal that day came and her “extra” sauce was the only sauce she in the bag. The restaurant had forgotten her other sauces.

“If they actually do their job like they’re supposed to and give you the sauce then you have extra sauce,” Jazz said.

It’s important to note that this may not work at every McDonald’s since some of them charge for extra sauce and each location enforces rules differently.

The video has more than 7,000 views and nearly two dozen comments. Commenters were divided about the hack. Some suggested other methods for achieving her end result.

“most fast food places charge for sauces now, atleast where I live. it’s a dollar for 4 packets of ketchup now,” a commenter wrote.

“As a former fast food worker…. i would rather you just look in the bag at the window,” the top comment read.

“Or get extra and put the extra in the fridge for another day,” a person said.

“I just go inside and eat. McDonalds is more quiet than the library since covid. plus if I wear my dispensery uniform I get free stuff,” another wrote.

Others agreed with Jazz’s hack.

“That’s what I do lol,” a viewer said.

“Yea always gotta ask for the sauce at the window,” another commented.

Another McDonald’s customer sparked debate on the subject of sauce rationing earlier this year. The practice is apparently a source of frustration for many drive-thru users. However, as one user pointed out, the packets are not free to make.

The Daly Dot reached out to Jazz via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 24, 2023, 5:51 pm CDT