Woman says date made her walk home at 2am after he didn't want to spend $7 on Uber

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‘I have never gotten the ick faster’: Man didn’t want to spend $7 to have Uber drop his female friend home. He made her walk alone at 2am instead

'I’m so embarrassed for him.'


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Posted on Jul 9, 2023

A New York City-based woman says she got “the ick” from a man who wouldn’t spend an extra $7 on an Uber ride to take her three blocks to get her home.

User Franki (@2phonefranki) relayed the story of her night out with a hedge fund employee that ended with the two of them sharing an Uber back to his place. When he asked her for her address, which was close to where he lived, she says he told her he didn’t want to pay the extra $7 to make the car drop her off. Instead, Franki says she walked home alone at 2am.


stop im so embarrassed

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“I have never gotten the ick faster than I just did right now,” Franki says in the clip.

The TikToker continues that the man had consistently asked her out on a date, and she mentioned in the comments section of the video that “he’s not my friend after this.”

There were many commenters who experienced secondhand “ick” on Franki’s behalf upon hearing of the situation.

“He could’ve at least walked you home and then ordered his uber from there…,” one person wrote.

Another penned that it was more about ensuring that she got home safely and less about the money.

“Not even just abt the money,” they wrote. “Like ummmm your safety?????!?”

Someone else wrote that they hoped the man came across the video, saying, “I hope he sees this and feels embarrassed.”

For others it was more of a question of courtesy— since the man was the one who persisted in asking Franki out for a date, he should’ve been the one to book a ride for her on her behalf.

“Everyone saying why couldn’t she pay for an Uber but like that’s not the point,” they argued. “HE insisted they go out, HE should make sure she gets home safe.”

However, Franki clarified in a comment that they were not on a date—he was a mutual friend—and in another, wrote that he ended up unfollowing her from Instagram after this incident.

The polemics of men providing transportation for women on dates is an oft-discussed topic on social media. In a Reddit post submitted to the site’s r/Bumble sub, a user asked Redditors that a woman on a first date asked him to pay for her Uber ride, which didn’t sit right with them.

“A girl wants me to pay for the Uber to our first date. I don’t mind doing it but feels like a weird thing to ask. or am I wrong? is this a red flag??” they asked. In a follow-up comment to their post, they wrote that they “declined” to pay for the woman’s car and that she apologized for asking and wanted to go on the date after paying for her own transportation to get there.

One commenter responded to the post stating. “I am a girl and I would not ask a stranger to do that for me.”

A similar question was the subject of a Quora forum discussion, where a woman asked if she should expect a guy to pay for her Uber both ways prior to going on a date with him. One user replied that the man absolutely should pay for her transportation and if he doesn’t then he’s probably a bad lover as a result.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Uber via email and Franki via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 9, 2023, 10:16 am CDT