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‘$17 for grapes is diabolical’: Viewers split after Weis shopper defends sampling grapes in-store before purchasing

‘They’re stealing right out of my wallet.’


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A Weis Markets shopper had viewers split after arguing that he should be able to try grapes before buying them because they are too expensive.

The moment was captured in a viral TikTok uploaded by Dylan Bogansky (@Raisingdylan) that has racked up over 1.3 million views as of Friday.

“Why are you eating grapes when you’re not gonna buy them?” an off-camera voice asked.

The shot then focused on an older gentleman, Dave Bogansky, who appears to be shopping in a Weis grocery store.

“I will not buy a pack of grapes at the price they’re charging for them unless I know they’re sweet,” the man promptly responded. “And if they don’t want me to try them, they could rot on the shelves.

The person off-camera argued that trying the grapes before purchasing them amounts to stealing.

“You wanna know what stealing is?” Dave shot back. “Stealing is when I go there with a pack of grapes, and they’re $17.”

TikTok has become a common platform for consumers to vent about the increased cost of goods and services. According to the USDA, though inflation rates in 2024 slowed down and are only expected to increase by 2.2 percent, the increase was about 5.8 percent last year.


Grocery inflation.

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Still, food prices remain 25 percent higher now than they were back in January 2020, per CBS News.

Companies have also been called out for price gouging their customers.

TikTokers have felt the pinch in their pockets.

One user went viral after sharing the price of a single slice of deli chicken. In another instance, a Safeway customer expressed concerns after he said he spent $123 and said it would barely cover the cost of two nights of dinner.

“They’re stealing right out of my wallet,” Dave lamented while ranting about food costs.

In the comments section, many agreed with the shopper.

“Agree with Dave totally on this one!” one viewer said.

“I agree!!” user JoAnn915 said. “You taste away Dave!!!”

“$17 for grapes is diabolical,” another viewer added.

However, some weren’t so convinced the behavior was justified.

“Do you taste the apples n oranges too lol,” user Hurricane asked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dylan Bogansky and Weis Markets via email for comment.

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