Man accused by 3 girls of taking pictures of them while waiting for takeout. Here’s what he was really doing

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‘Post the video, I DARE YOU!’: Man accused of taking pictures of 3 girls while waiting for takeout. Here’s what he was really doing

‘I just got disrespected in the worst way possible.’


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Posted on Dec 18, 2023   Updated on Dec 18, 2023, 1:26 pm CST

An innocent game of phone 8-ball with a friend led to a confrontation for one TikToker as he waited to pick up his order. 

According to a viral video posted on Dec. 12, TikTok user Cam (@totallynotcam), in an effort to surprise his girlfriend, headed into a restaurant to pick up a breakfast order for her. Facing a 10-minute wait, he says he decided to play a game of pool with a friend on his phone. 

“This group of six or seven girls were having brunch or breakfast or whatever, and three of them pulled their phones out and started recording me,” Cam revealed to 5.1 million viewers. 

Believing them to recognize him from TikTok, Cam waited for their reaction. 

“Their leader goes, ‘We knew you were taking pictures of us, you creep!’ I was minding my business playing 8-ball pool on my phone,” Cam explained in his video.

“I was probably lining up a shot and they thought I was taking a picture of them,” he lamented.

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Viewers hoped the girls would eventually post the video from their point of view. “The way I would’ve turned my phone screen to show them 8 ball,” one user commented.

“I love how some people think the world revolves around them,” another observed. 

“Okayy but like it’s always good to be aware of how you look to others in public; they did that for a reason,” a user named Alice defended the girls. In a separate comment, she acknowledged that while they were wrong for recording Cam in an attempt to catch him in the act, women are routinely filmed in public. 

“It’s better to be aware and try not to hold your phone in a way that could come across like that,” they added.

Other viewers shared similar experiences.

“Me n my cousin were getting pizza and it was taking forever so i went on my photos to show my cousin some funny pics and the girls behind us thought we were taking pics of them,” one shared. “then like 4 girls pull up telling us to delete the photos and kept following us around the mall.” 

“I got yelled at by an old man in the post office for ‘taking pictures of him’ when really I was on the phone with Chase Bank,” user @spoopyspice wrote. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Cam via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 18, 2023, 9:00 pm CST