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‘I would return it’: Driver brags about finding Lexus with 0 miles on it. Viewers have concerns

‘Should we keep this one in a museum?’


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In a viral TikTok, a driver bragged about finding a Lexus with 0 miles on it. Viewers are worried he didn’t make a sound decision.

TikTok user Kameron Harter (@kameronharter420) posted the video, which has since amassed 177,000 views, on June 30. To the tune of Journey’s “Who’s Crying Now”, Harter shows the interior of his Lexus. He zooms into the odometer, which confirms that the Lexus has 0 miles on it. “I found a zero mile car!!” he writes in the video’s text overlay.

In the comments section, users offered insight into why walking off the dealership lot with a 0-mile car might not be as great of an idea as you might think.

One user wrote, “So they didn’t even give it the shakedown/test drive? I would be concerned with a zero mile vehicle.”

A second user wrote, “My job is to literally test cars, if it has no miles that means nobody tested it. I would return it because new cars always have some type of issue.”

A third user agreed. “that’s pretty rare for lexus. most of the time they drive them life 3 miles. I’ve done enough pdis to know,” they wrote.

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Cars with 0 miles are straight from the manufacturer and extremely rare

More than a few users tagged Puyallup Nissan (@puyallupnissan), which is a Nissan dealership and popular TikTok account. In May, the salesman behind the Puyallup account posted a video in which he says, “When a car arrives at the dealership, the first thing I check is to see if they have 0 miles on them.”

Apparently, this is such a rare occurrence it would be almost akin to finding a four-leaf clover. So, when viewers saw Harter’s video, they immediately thought of Puyallup Nissan. As one user wrote, “@Puyallup Nissan is going to cry.” And Harter’s video did indeed inspire Puyallup to post its own video in response. 

In the video, Puyallup’s purveyor says, “I’ve been inspired. Someone found a 0-mile car at a Lexus store this week. And I’ve been tagged several times, which gives me my perfect change to find that car with 0 miles.

He walks up to a line of Nissans and gets inside each one. The first car he gets into is a 2024 Nissan Leaf with 6 miles and a 6% charge. His next vehicle is a Nissan Frontier King Cab with 11 miles. Then he hops into a Nissan Titan with just 3 miles on it. “Should we keep this one in a museum?” he asks.

At the end of his experiment, the Puyallup salesman says, “So we have not found that 0-mile car yet. I have a feeling it’s coming soon.”

In the comments, one user wrote, “I just knew you’d mention that video lol.”

Pros and cons of a car with no miles on it

Car and Driver recommends buying a car that has been test-driven, and therefore, at least has a few miles on it. “The process of driving a brand-new car seals the piston rings in the cylinders and ensures they can withstand the pressure of regular operation. Buying a vehicle that has been test-driven can make the break-in process faster and easier,” Car and Driver notes.

However, there is one benefit of getting a car with no miles on it, and that’s that you get to control exactly how the car gets broken in. “The first few hundred miles are crucial to ensure the engine is properly broken in. Some manufacturers even recommend limiting high acceleration for the first 1,000 miles,” Car and Driver adds.

The Daily Dot reached out to Harter via TikTok comment and direct message for comment. We also reached out to Puyallup Nissan via TikTok comment and direct message for comment. Additionally, we reached out to Lexus via website contact form for comment.

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