Woman showing off box and her pair of uggs(three split)


Woman orders kid-size Uggs to save money. It backfires

‘This is what nobody tells you.’


Charlotte Colombo


As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we can safely say that fall has well and truly arrived. With their Y2K aesthetic, Ugg boots have once again returned as a winter wardrobe staple, but they aren’t cheap. Still, content creators are getting innovative about making the most of your Uggs, from finding convincing dupes to taking advantage of Uggs’ widespread children’s range.

But for TikToker Juliana ((@juli._.77), the latter trick didn’t exactly go as planned. “Why does nobody tell you this about Uggs?” she asked. “Hear me out. So I asked for Uggs for my birthday because fall season is coming up, of course, and I wanted some new ones.”

“I’m a women size eight, and I’ve seen the trend about getting the kids ones because it’s cheaper and the same size, and I was told it would be cheaper. But I didn’t realize that they were different,” she added, holding up the Uggs to the camera. “This is what nobody tells you.” In a TikTok that has now amassed 3 million views, Juliana then went on to detail how the soles on the children’s Uggs were significantly thinner than those on the adult shoes.

“It kind of makes a difference once [the shoe] is on,” she added. “I’m not going to be returning or exchanging them because, I mean, I still like them, but nobody tells you this, and I feel like this applies to all the kids’ sizes … Nobody tells you [this] in these reviews.”

@juli._.77 Was this just me? Still love them though 🤎 #uggs #uggseason #uggminis #kidsuggs #fypage ♬ original sound – Juliana💌

While this didn’t come as a shock for the majority of Juliana’s viewers, some did offer explanations on why the children’s and adult Uggs differed.

“As someone who worked at many shoe stores, the difference between womens size and kids’ same’ size is that kids shoes are meant for less body weight,” one commenter explained.

“I think kid sizes are generally lesser in quality since kids grow out of sizes kinda quickly so they’re not made to last as much,” another suggested.

Either way, the money saved on buying children’s Uggs versus adults remained worth it for some.

“Never mind, it still saved me almost $80,” a third viewer quipped.

The Daily Dot reached out to Juliana via email.

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