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‘Why do i always get the crazy orderss’: Instacart shopper has to deliver live lobster to customer

‘Hell nah you better tip me $25.’


Braden Bjella


Instacart shoppers get their fair share of strange orders. From deliveries in unreachable locations to orders that weigh 3 tons, to those with overly specific details about expiry dates, there’s no shortage of customers with bizarre requests.

Now, another such order has sparked discussion after being posted by TikTok user and Instacart shopper Max (@maxkanner15).

In a clip with over 35,000 views, Max claims he was delivering for Instacart when he got an order for a live lobster. The video shows a grocery store employee weighing the lobster and packaging it up.

“why do i always get the crazy orderss,” Max wrote in the caption.

@maxkanner15 why do i always get the crazy orderss #instacartshopper #instacart #instacartdelivery #viral #fyp #mustwatch ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada – HarmonicoHCO

Selling live lobsters at grocery stores has long been controversial.

Both Whole Foods and Safeway stopped selling live lobsters back in 2006, with the then-vice president of quality control at Whole Foods, Margaret Wittenberg, saying that the change was in part due to concerns related to “the length of time it was out of its natural environment.”

There were also criticisms levied against the cost of the tanks, with some noting that the tanks “take up space, require salt water, and need a pumping system to circulate the water,” per Patrik Jonsson Staff for The Christian Science Monitor.

Regardless of the controversy, many customers still enjoy cooking live lobster—even after it comes delivered by Instacart.

In the comments section of Max’s video, users shared their thoughts on the driver’s peculiar situation, with many saying they would have rejected a similar order.

“Nah I don’t accept those orders,” stated a user. “f*ck that.”

“I couldn’t do it lol,” echoed another.

Still, some users said that it’s alright for Max to take the lobster, so long as any potential danger from the lobster is mitigated.

As one user put it, “As long as he got rubber bands on them claws. YOU GOOOOD.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Max via Instagram direct message and Instacart via email.

Update 2:04pm CT, Jun. 26, 2023:

In an Instagram direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Max noted that this was the first time he’s ever experienced something like this.

“Yes, first time this has happened. And the delivery went smoothly—just thought it was strange,” he wrote. “I would say the other weird order I’ve done was having to give someone live crickets, but lobster definitely tops it for weird orders.”

While some commenters claimed that customers should not be able to order live lobsters, Max said he didn’t mind fulfilling the order.

“I think it’s fine having to deliver a live lobster,” he stated. “I don’t think it’s that serious, and plus if the tip is worth it then I don’t mind doing it.”

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