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‘So that’s why mines is on’: Expert says Hyundai had a check engine light at 390 miles. He can’t believe the reason why

‘Not Hyundai’s fault (for once)’


Grace Fowler


A mechanic posted a viral video after seeing a Hyundai with its check engine light turned on at only 390 miles. 

Mejicar (@mejicar) has reached over 17,000 views on their TikTok as of this writing. In the 32-second clip, the TikToker sits inside a Hyundai and pans the camera to the dashboard. 

“Everyone says these Hyundai’s are super reliable, but this thing only has 390 miles, and the check engine light is already on,” he says.

He then clarifies that the car is a 2023 model. He says that even though the car is so new, “the Innova 5610 can still read codes.”

An Innova 5610 is a “top-of-the-line diagnostic tool for automotive repair.” The Innova website states, “Our OBD2 scanners and OBD2 scan tools empower professional mechanics and car enthusiasts.”

Car and Driver states that OBD stands for On-board Diagnostics. The site adds that an OBD2 scanner is used to diagnose “your car’s vital systems, providing valuable information about warning lights, airbags … and more, letting you know which systems might be at risk and the level of urgency.”

Next, Mejicar says that the code displayed on his Innova 5610 reads “PO455.” He says this means there is a “leak with the EVAP system.” Kelley Blue Book confirms that a PO455 code appears when there’s a leak in the “Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system.” 

The site states that the EVAP system “usually consists of five main components: the fuel tank, fuel cap, vent valve, purge valve, and the evaporative canister (or charcoal canister).”

Mejicar says that since “it looks like the gas tank was just filled,” the leak problem with the car might be caused by the gas cap. 

He then records the gas tank and notices the gas cap was left unscrewed. “Sure enough, look at that,” he says.

While filming his Innova 5610 again, Mejicar says, “Look how quick it erases codes.” He counts to three and says, “And just like that, the light is off.” 

Before ending his video, he adds, “Still unbelievable. Come on, Hyundai. Do better.”

@menjicar Hyundai are reliable according to people. #automotive #autotech #fyp #scantool #innova #mechanic ♬ original sound – Menjicar

Viewers in the comment sections tell Mejicar that the car’s problems are a user error because the owner did not screw in the gas cap.

“That is operator error, not Hyundai’s fault (for once),” one said.

Another added, “I’ll never understand why people keep failing at such a basic task as putting the gas cap back on.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Mejicar via TikTok direct message and Hyundai via email. 

In recent headlines, a car expert named Hyundai and Kia the biggest failures in automotive history. The expert said that the engines on some models “aren’t properly secured, and this makes them susceptible to wearing out quicker.”

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