Hotel worker walks out on job


‘I don’t feel like anyone at my big old ripe age should have to f*cking feel like this’: Hotel worker walks out on job

‘This speaks to me. I quit two jobs this year and it’s extremely frustrating.’


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Posted on Aug 1, 2023

A hotel lobby assistant in Florida recently went viral on TikTok after posting an emotional video explaining why she quit her job. 

Ashari (@thatssoashari) filmed the heartfelt video while driving home from her former job. In it, she detailed why she decided to walk out of her job and how her coworker contributed to her unhappiness. As of Tuesday morning, her video had over 59,400 views.

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“So I just walked out of that job because it’s not fair,” she said. “I’m no stranger to hard work and I don’t mind working by myself, but when I see I’m the only one doing things… I’m not going to put up with that.”

Ashari said that she was “running around like a chicken with [its] head cut off” because she didn’t know how to get around the 20-floor hotel. “I don’t think that anyone at my big, old f*cking ripe age should have to feel like this,” she said. “I just want a job where I go to work, clock out, and that’s it. That’s all I want to do.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ashari via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear what hotel chain she was formerly employed at or how her boss reacted to her leaving. In the comments, however, many viewers lended their support to the worker and applauded her decision to leave a toxic environment.

“You are very smart for leaving,” one user shared. “I hope you find something that is for you soon.”

“I hope you find a job that treats you well,” another added. “I’m sorry.”

“Keep standing up for yourself,” a third person offered.

Others shared their own experiences with toxic workplaces and said that leaving was one of the best choices they’ve ever made. 

“I walked out of 2 jobs in the past 2 years,” one user shared. “I know my worth and sadly these jobs are just over abusing my work ethics.”

“This speaks to me. I quit two jobs this year and it’s extremely frustrating,” another wrote. 

“I’m 54. I’ve had 64 jobs. I’m finally in a job I love with people who are professional. Keep standing up for yourself,” a third viewer replied. 

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*First Published: Aug 1, 2023, 10:22 am CDT