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‘They posted my position on Indeed and I applied’: Hotel worker quits on her lunch break, blasts hotel and co-workers on way out

‘The tea was piping hot!’


Nina Hernandez


Quitting a job you don’t like can be one of life’s most satisfying experiences. Particularly, when you feel that job doesn’t respect your contributions as an employee. One TikTok user inspired others by depicting how she quit her job after seeing an Indeed job post for her own position.

TikTok user @alt_cult666 posted a video that shows her preparing to enter—and leave—her job at a hotel for the final time.

“GRWM WHILE I QUIT MY JOB ON MY LUNCH BREAK,” alt_cult666 wrote in the text overlay. In the caption, she continues, “They posted for my position on Indeed and I applied.”


They posted for my position on indeed and I applied🤣🤣🤣🤣

♬ original sound – AltCult

The video shows the TikToker as she departs her home, returns to work, clocks in, takes a final tour, and punches out again for the final time. The video includes a voice-over in which she airs a series of grievances about the state of the facility, as well as her now-former colleagues and management.

Since it was posted on Aug. 12, the video has received more than 119,000 views as of Sunday. Many viewers express admiration for @alt_cult666 and her ceremonious exit.

“You just kept going in on them,” wrote user Samantha. alt_cult666 acknowledged it, “Kept getting worse and worse.”

“The going OFF calmly,” wrote user Sharra.

“The tea was piping hot!” confirmed user @itsjustmartinn.

“Girllll I had the WORST day at my hotel yesterday & almost quit this is a sign,” wrote another user.

Other users questioned different aspects of the video, including the time card system and a written reprimand.

“The fact that I just watched you clock in with a paper card is literally so wild to me,” wrote Nate. The TikToker responded, “We used to have an electronic one that took our picture.”

“Nah but explain the right up bc it looks legit,” wrote Nell.

“I paused to read it too lol,” admitted user MBME.

The Daily Dot reached out to @alt_cult666 via TikTok for comment.

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