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‘I was dressed looking like a fool’: H-E-Buddy mascot goes to H-E-B event a day early in the Texas heat

'Wait, there’s someone inside the H-E-Buddy?'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Aug 8, 2023

An H-E-Buddy mascot went viral on TikTok for posting a GRWM video before a work event. She mistakenly dressed up day early for an event that required her to be outside in a giant bag costume.

Emily (@emualay) has reached over 435,000 views on her video by Tuesday. Emily works at an H-E-B in Houston.

@emualay Biggest bruh moment ever #heb #houston ♬ original sound – Emily

Emily says, “Get ready with me to be H-E-Buddy.” For the next minute and 45 seconds of the video, Emily’s co-worker Angella (@anggella_03) helps Emily get into the mascot costume. 

“You have to put in the groceries? Please, how cute,” one commenter says.

The video cuts to the two girls sitting in an office, not in costumes. “Guys, why is the event literally tomorrow?” Emily says. 

“And I was dressed like a fool, with Angella guiding me,” she adds. 

She then says that her and Angella aren’t worried about it because they will work overtime tomorrow. “And we got paid to basically sit here.” 

The next day, Emily posts a second video called “get unready with buddy,” responding to viewers in the comment section. 

One comment says, “in THIS WEATHER?”

Emily responds saying she has done the job so many times she “doesn’t even feel it.” She then adds, “We weren’t outside the whole time, we were in the building with AC.”

“Overall, successful day,” she says. 

One shocked viewer says, “Wait, there’s someone inside the H-E-Buddy?”

Another says, “The accessories made it so much cuter.”

Multiple viewers comment, “No store does more,” referring to one of H-E-B’s famous slogans. 

The H-E-B website has an entire section dedicated to “Meet H-E-Buddy.” Buddy is used as an influential mascot for kids to teach them about healthy eating habits.

Although, a couple viewers share stories of how they feel about H-E-Buddy. “I was terrified of Buddy. I used to scream because he was going through the aisle,” one says.

Another says, “I work inside an H-E-B and buddy now haunts my nightmares.” 

Emily says that this is her “Last buddy TikTok.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Emily via the TikTok comment section and H-E-B via email. 

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*First Published: Aug 8, 2023, 11:08 am CDT