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‘When I was a kid I ate what mom made or didn’t eat at all’: Viewers criticize parent who orders 80 Chicken McNuggets to meal-prep for her son

‘Do whatever works for you and YOUR family.’


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A mother received backlash from viewers on TikTok after she shared that she freezes and stores McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets as meal-prep for her son.

Se Fordree (@seebiedeebie) posted a short video showing how she stores and prepares chicken nuggets from McDonald’s for her son. Viewed over 905,000 times as of publication, commenters argued about parenting and nutrition in the comments.

While standing in front of four 20 count boxes of Chicken McNuggets, Se explains that she is going to freeze them for later use.

“These are the only nuggets that my child eats, so that’s why I buy so many of them. Then I freeze them.”

She takes the nuggets and places them in a large ziplock bag. Se says that before freezing them, she likes to put the nuggets in the fridge for a day to ensure that they don’t stick together.

Se says she likes to serve her son 10 Chicken McNuggets at a time, and that she usually just microwaves them for a minute and 30 seconds. The video concludes with Se’s son quietly enjoying his nuggets.

@seebiedeebie Most of the time I get 100 mcnuggets bc they go quick @McDonald’s ♬ original sound – SeebieDeebie

Many commenters criticized the TikToker for allowing her son to be too picky with his food.

“When I was a kid I ate what mom made or didn’t eat at all,” a user said.

“I read the comments. Gen X here….mom cooked ONE MEAL. u are it or didn’t. she didn’t care. u won’t chose to go to bed hungry twice. I promise,” a second added.

Others users were more concerned about the nutritional aspect of the meal. Foods like Chicken McNuggets are high in fat and salt and can lead to obesity and chronic illnesses later in life. A child who regularly eats fast food also has a greater chance of suffering from asthma, eczema, or rhinitis.

“That’s horrible, teach him to eat better or go hungry and eventually his eating habits will change!” exclaimed one user.

“And this is why there are grown men who won’t eat vegetables. because they weren’t made to eat anything else!” someone else remarked.

However, getting a child to eat Chicken McNuggets is a better alternative to them eating nothing at all and others defended Se’s methods.

“This comment section does not pass the vibe check. You do you mama! That’s very clever so they have what they like!! Every person has preferences lol,” one encouraged.

“Kuddos to you! Do whatever works for you and YOUR family. Don’t worry about all these mean comments,” wrote another.

“I do exactly the same, I can have nuggets anytime, but I heat up in air fryer. I leave mine out until they’re cooled down and freeze,” wrote another fan of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email and Se via TikTok comment for further information.

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