former GNC worker shares how to scam the supplement store's return policy

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‘I have 0 remorse for what I just told you’: Former GNC worker shares how to scam the supplement store’s return policy

‘You do a little Kansas City shuffle with the proteins.’


Tiffanie Drayton


A GNC worker has gone viral for teaching customers how to scam the store’s return policy.

In a viral TikTok stitched video that has amassed over 1.2 million views, user John (@beingjustjohn) explained how the return trick works.

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“What’s the company secret that we should know but you are just like f*ck it, I hate this job?” TikTok user asked in a separate video.

John responded to the question with little-known tips about how to get the best bang for your buck from the supplement store.

“First things first, you should definitely not do this,” he began his tell all.

Then he spilled all the beans.

“With that being said, did you know GNC has a money back guarantee on anything you buy in the store, even if it has been opened?” he asked. “Well, now you do.”

The TikToker then went on to demonstrate how shoppers could theoretically swap out old, expired supplements (like protein) for new product by simply switching the old contents from an old container to a new one.

“You do a little Kansas City shuffle with the proteins,” he described the maneuver.

The next step to his diabolic tip requires the shopper locate the receipt they received for the new product and then use it to return the old, stale stuff in a brand new container.

“So you go and you take your receipt and you take the product that you did not like and say ‘hey, I did not like this,’” he explained.

The Daily Dot reached out to GNC via email and user Beingjustjohn by TikTok comment.

Apparently, GNC employees, who he described as “stressed” and “underpaid,” only look at the returned item to make sure there is still some product in there, so the return should be smooth. Not to mention, the supplement chain recoups its losses after an item is returned by requesting a refund from the company that made the product.

In the comments section, many affirmed the TikToker’s GNC revelation.

“He is correct I am the under paid worker at GNC,” one user wrote.

“Former employee… he is correct ,” another person chimed in.

Another worker revealed yet another GNC cheat code for shoppers.

“I work there! Literally tell every (nice) customer this, and that we Amazon price match. Yes, you heard me!” another user said.

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