Dutch Bros. customer disappointed after they gave her a blue straw

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‘My 13th reason’: Dutch Bros customer disappointed after they gave her a blue straw. What does it mean?

‘I always fight for the pink.’


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According to the internet, Dutch Bros workers are secretly letting customers know that they’re ugly by putting green straws in their drinks.

Apparently, customers of the popular coffee chain have bought into this idea that there’s a color-coordinated system with its straws that carry secret messages.

A TikToker named Jenny (@itsjenduhhh) is yet another user on the platform who has posted about the straw color theory—and she’s not happy with the color she received.

“Imagine having a bad day and Dutch Bros gives you a blue straw,” a text overlay in Jenny’s video reads that begins with her driving her car, presumably to a Dutch Bros location.

That presumption is verified when in the next frame of the video, Jenny records herself balled up in her seat, her knees pressed up to her chest as she holds an iced coffee outfitted with a blue straw in her hands. She lip-syncs the audio of someone weeping as she rocks back and forth.

@itsjenduhhh my 13th reason #dutchbros #fyp #badday ♬ sonido original – Carly Mata

So why is Jenny so sad about getting a blue-colored straw? Does she have an aversion to the color blue like some guest on Maury Povich asked to face their fears on camera, and if someone brought out this lovable dog, she would have a similar reaction?

Apparently, there are a lot of TikTokers out there who have theorized that the color of the straw they receive at Dutch Bros coffee is a miniature commentary made by employees on the customers who place their orders.

Does Dutch Bros have a secret straw code?

Radio station Knix Country compiled a few of these videos and gave a breakdown of the different colored Dutch Bros straws and the associated commentaries with them:

  • PINK STRAW: Means the barista thinks you’re cute or pretty
  • GREEN STRAW: Means you’re unsightly or ugly
  • ORANGE STRAW:  Means that you’re mysterious, strange, or the employee thinks you’re weird
  • YELLOW STRAW: Means you’re average
  • BLUE STRAW:  Means the person who made your drink thinks you’re a rude person
@grehs_ Replying to @hanwernerr #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Grace

Coffee Affection looked into this secret coffee straw messaging theory to see if there was any truth to it, and by the end of the piece, it seemed like no definitive questions were answered. The authors couldn’t seem to narrow down its origins, and the outlet, along with Granite Bay Today referenced that YouTuber Veronica James further added to the mystery of this straw conundrum by stating that it seems sometimes the commentary system was in effect and other times it wasn’t.

However, some uploads from folks seem to suggest there could be merit to the straw code theory. One gentleman said they were rocking a paper menu from the chain to see what type of coffee they wanted. One of the workers said they thought it was funny. When he received his drink…it came with an Orange straw, indicating that he was either interesting, mysterious, or weird, as per the theory.

@knarf_solo Pay attention to your straw! 😉 I ❤️ @dutchbroscoffee #dutchbros #dutchbrosstrawmeaning #coffee #orangestraw ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

Another woman also posted on this Dutch Bros straw code, stating that she received a green straw, which indicates that the employees who handed it to her may’ve found her physically unappealing.

@samirajasmine #greenscreen I tried Dutch for the first time today 😍🤰🏽 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #fyp #dutchbros ♬ Roses – Imanbek Remix – SAINt JHN

TikTok user Alondra Razon (@alondrarazon) also wanted to test this theory out for herself to see what straws she ended up with, giving a small breakdown with different colored hearts and their corresponding hidden meanings.

@alondrarazon @Dutch Bros Coffee straw theory is it TRUE!?! LET ME KNOW!! 🩷💙💚🧡💛 #dutchbros #straw #theory #dutchbroshacks #dutchbrosdrinks ♬ original sound – Alondra Razon

“We’re gonna see what straw we got I hope it’s not a bad one,” she states into the camera before showing off her drink order and then unwrapping the straw she received—it ended up being a pink one. She records herself tasting her drink, twitching her eye in the process before the video ultimately cuts out.

However, someone else posted themselves getting a Dutch Bros drink…only to reveal that they ended up getting a clear straw in the process.

One TikToker who responded to Jenny’s video also stated that there isn’t any merit to the code, either: “THE STRAWS MEAN NOTHINGGG (coming from an ex employee).”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dutch Bros. Coffee and Jenny via email.

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