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‘And they love helping too’: Woman living alone has to get her doorman to open jars for her

‘What a cute relationship!!’


Jack Alban


Sometimes, you just don’t have enough juice in your wrists to open the cap of a container or the lid of a jar. Maybe your skin slips right off of the top, making it impossible to get enough friction. Maybe you skipped grip day at the gym too many times, or maybe you’re like Robert DeNiro’s character in Raging Bull.

Whatever the reason, if you found yourself in a situation where you needed a jar open but couldn’t do it, you’d probably seek a family member’s help.

For TikToker MEEMS (@memeshou), that person is the doorman to her building. In a now-viral TikTok clip, the TikToker shows herself handing over a jar to the doorman to open it for her.

MEEMS’ video begins with her holding a jar of Elemis cleansing balm, a skincare product. The video then transitions to her in an elevator with a button pressed for the main lobby. She then approaches a doorman once in the lobby, hands him the tub of the beauty product, and he proceeds to open it for her. The end of the clip shows the smiling TikTok user looking into the camera, with the product tub opened.

She writes in a text overlay of the video, “When you’re just a girl who lives alone so you have to ask your doorman to help you open things.”

The act sparked comments on the nature of their relationship and how it resembles a popular TV series.


NYC girl problems

♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

One viewer commented that not everyone could afford to have that luxury, writing, “Step one: be rich enough to afford an apartment with a doorman.”

Someone else quipped that after viewing the gesture, they developed an attraction toward the building employee. “Now i got feelings for that door man,” they said.

Several folks made references to the Amazon Prime show Modern Love, particularly referencing the first episode of the series. MEEMS said she was familiar with the show, stating that the relationship she has with her doorman reminds her of the series.

“Yes!!! I have a similar relationship w my night doorman!!” she wrote. “He tells me how amazing I am every time I come home from a date.”

Others thought that the relationship between the two of them was “cute.”

Someone also shared they too have asked neighbors to take care of certain tasks in their home.

“Me asking my downstairs neighbour to kill the bug in my house,” the user wrote.

Others related to the fact that the TikToker needed help opening the jar of her beauty product.

“Honestly I’d do the same sometimes those jars be on so tight,” a user said.

According to Allure, beauty companies use different types of packaging depending on the nature and chemical makeup of the products that they are selling. For items that cannot risk being exposed to additional moisture, airtight packaging solutions must be implemented. This could explain why some beauty product packaging is screwed on so tightly.

The Daily Dot has reached out to MEEMS via email for further comment.

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