DoorDash customer greenscreen TikTok over messages 'Thank you! I will add more tip after delivery :) Uber eats... not doordash...neighborhoods are not getting their food delivery driver's lives matter too no matter what color we are...' (l) DoorDash on phone screen in hand in front of red background (c) DoorDash customer greenscreen TikTok over messages (r)

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‘I’m not in the mood and not playing with y’all b*tches’: DoorDash customer says driver refused McDonald’s order, wrote ‘Delivery Drivers Lives Matter’ in DM

'I would have canceled my order after that first message.'


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Posted on Apr 12, 2023   Updated on Apr 12, 2023, 10:21 pm CDT

A DoorDash customer shared in a viral TikTok how her driver refused to deliver her McDonald’s order and sent rude messages.

The video was from user Hannah (@hannerjean), who recounted her “craziest DoorDash experience” with a green screen of messages behind her. Hannah says she recently ordered McDonald’s at 11:30pm near her house. Then her delivery Dasher sent a string of bizarre messages.

In the message, the Dasher said that “tips are appreciated.” Perplexed, Hannah responded that she would “add more tips after the delivery.”

Then, her Dasher began ranting about how “people in certain neighborhoods” weren’t getting their food because “they don’t tip” and “delivery drivers’ lives matter, no matter what color” they are. Hannah attributed this tirade to the Dasher “being frustrated” for “having a bad day.”  In an attempt to reason with her, the content creator reiterated how she “tipped before check out” and “was going to add more to it” because she wanted her food.

Unfortunately, her attempts failed, and her driver threatened to “drop” Hannah’s order. “I’m not in the mood and not playing with y’all bitches,” the driver wrote.

Again, the creator tried to reason with the driver. Ultimately, the attempts failed yet again, leading the driver to go off on a tangent of accusing Hannah of not tipping her before. The creator was left confused as to why the driver was so mad. In the end, Hannah contacted DoorDash support, explained the situation, received her refund, and reported the driver.

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During an interview with the Daily Dot, Hannah claimed she never had this driver before and never had an encounter like this. However, she received a response from DoorDash which informed her “the results of such investigations are kept private, but rest assured the situation was handled accordingly.”

“I will definitely not be using DoorDash in the future. The more I think about random people having my address, the more it freaks me out. I mean you never know who’s picking your order up, which I’ve definitely learned,” she said via direct message.

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via press email regarding the video. The video amassed 1.1 million views as of Wednesday, where viewers suggested that the driver shouldn’t have accepted the order.

“Literally if someone doesn’t tip you can decline the order so why is this [woman] telling you about it like decline the order,” one viewer wrote.

“Tipping is optional. I’m also a Dasher. If she didn’t want the order she shouldn’t have accepted it,” a second agreed.

“I Dash sometimes and this is unacceptable. She had a chance not to take the order when she how much the order was. She was being greedy,” a third condemned.

Others shared what they would’ve done in Hannah’s situation.

“I’d probably contact the police because she was flaunting the fact she has your address and can post it on her group which sounds like a potential threat,” one person said.

“I would have canceled my order after that first message,” a second commented.

“Lmao if you send this to the delivery company she’ll lose her job. Multiple drivers have lost their jobs for bs like this,” a third suggested.

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*First Published: Apr 12, 2023, 10:20 pm CDT