Cashier says don’t do this if your card declines

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‘But anxiety makes me do these weird things’: Cashier says don’t do this if your card declines

‘You still have to pay though, girly pop!’


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Few things are as uncomfortable as having a credit or debit card declined, and the sting of embarrassment can easily make you panic. The best thing to do is keep calm, but what is the worst thing you can do?

One restaurant worker has gone viral with his answer.

TikToker Jeremy Beckstead (@jeremybeckstead) recently told his viewers one thing they should absolutely not do when their card is declined. He recorded his advice in a TikTok posted on Sunday. The video has over 3.1 million views as of this writing.

“If your card declines while I’m at work,” he tells his viewers, “and you pull up your bank account and show me that you have money? Um, OK?” He pauses before asking, “Do you have cash?”

One of Beckstead’s viewers commented, “Like I believe you, however the machine doesn’t.”

Many other viewers commented in sympathy as well.

Kait (@kxiitlynk) wrote, “Like okay, you still have to pay though, girly pop!”

“It’s so awkward bc they’re like NO I SWEAR I HAVE $20000 idk why it’s declining LOOK,” another viewer added.

Other viewers expressed sympathy for people on the other end of the transaction.

Brianne (@brianne_vacharayoo) wrote, “Sometimes I do it out of sheer panic to prove I’m not here to waste anyone’s time & I genuinely don’t understand why it declined.”

Loon (@runtyloon) added, “But anxiety makes me do these weird things.”

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What should you do instead?

If your card is ever declined, the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Advice website advises cardholders to “check that you entered your information accurately. If there’s still a problem, contact the customer service number for the bank or credit union that gave you the card.”

According to, a card may be declined for several reasons other than insufficient funds.

“Some common reasons that your credit card might get declined include having the card’s credit limit maxed out, accidentally triggering the card’s fraud protections and even entering incorrect payment information on a website,” the site states.

Your card may also have a “block” on it. Some businesses, such as hotels or car rental agencies will place a block on your card to cover the cost of a future payment.

Per, a block “often looks like a purchase charge, but it’s just a way for businesses that don’t charge you upfront to make sure that some of your card’s funds are reserved for them.”

The site advises, “You may be able to get it removed by contacting your issuer or the merchant, but patience is usually key in this case.” For travelers, it adds, “Consider using one card for booking your hotel and transportation and another for daily spending, so you aren’t stressing the limits on one card.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Beckstead via TikTok comment for more information.

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