Customers leave their baby with a worker while they test-drive car

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‘That’s some insane collateral’: Customers leave their baby with a worker while they test-drive car

'It happens more often than you think.'


Angela Littlefield


Posted on Oct 5, 2023

A viral TikTok post shared by professional car salesman and rapper Randy Ross (@randofrmdabando) showcases a hilarious interaction in which customers at the dealership he works at left their baby with a co-worker while they test-drove a car. 

@randofrmdabando Would you do this ? 😂 #fyp #comedy #dealershiplife #wtf #babysitter ♬ original sound – Randy Ross

Randy works at a Toyota dealership in Rochester, NY, where it’s common for customers to test drive the vehicle they potentially want to purchase.

In the short clip, there is laughter as the camera tracks one of the dealership’s workers carrying a baby around the parking lot. “He’s just walking around,” chortles someone in the background. 

The text overlay reads: “The dealership never gets old the customers left bro with they [sic] baby while they went on a test drive.”

“Would you do this ?” asks Randy in the video’s caption.

The viral TikTok video has been viewed 528,000 times and garnered 88,000 likes as of publication. 

Viewers flooded the comment section to express their incredulity at the parents who left their baby with a stranger. 

“That’s CRAZYYYYY,” commented one user. 

“That’s some insane collateral,” wrote another.

“Well at least you know they coming back fasho,” laughed a third.

Some shared similar experiences in which they were forced to watch a customer’s child at work. 

“When I worked at the airport I was walking out of the restroom and a lady just handed me her baby so she could use it … I didn’t have time to react,” recalled one viewer. 

“The amount of times customers have left [their] kids with me,” stated another. 

“I sold Cadillacs for 3yrs [sic] in college, it happens more often than you think lmao,” wrote a third.

When it comes to test driving a vehicle, Toyota encourages its customers to have their children ride along in the backseat, and to test car seats for infants. This ensures the entire family will be comfortable in the new vehicle. 

“What the kids think. Even though you’re the one who will be driving the vehicle, they’ll have to ride in it, so check in with the kids and find out whether they’re comfortable and have access to everything they need while buckled in their seats,” states the company’s website.

In a follow up TikTok post, Randy shares if the parents ended up purchasing a vehicle.

“Update: They didn’t buy sh*t!” laughs the TikToker as he points the camera to the back of the car salesman sitting alone on the curb of the parking lot with no baby.

The Daily Dot reached out to Randy via TikTok comment and Toyota via phone. 

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2023, 1:53 pm CDT