Bartender’s manager issues lifetime ban for customer who lied about chili cheese fries

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‘She was gaslighting us so hard’: Bartender’s manager issues lifetime ban for customer who lied about chili cheese fries

'Making up allergies is the wildest thing.'


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Posted on Dec 28, 2023   Updated on Dec 28, 2023, 3:45 pm CST

A bartender posted a viral video saying her manager issued a lifetime ban for a customer who made up a lie to complain about their chili cheese fries.

Kristina Withers (@krisswith) has reached over 347,000 views and 50,000 likes on her TikTok by Thursday. She has a total of 50,000 followers on her TikTok account and frequently uses her platform to share server stories

Withers begins her video by saying that one thing she loves about working at a mom-and-pop bar is that they can “86 anyone for any reason, any moment, of any day.” 

She starts her story by saying a particular customer has been coming to the bar consistently for the past six months and ordering the green chili cheese fries every time.

“Our green chili has onions in it, OK?” Withers adds. “Orders them every time.”

A week before her video, Withers says the customer came into the bar but was not sitting in her section. Withers says she usually has to serve this customer but is not fond of it because she “runs you ragged and tips like sh*t.”

Withers says on the day in question, the customer and her husband both ordered chili cheese fries. 

Immediately after receiving their food, she says the lady “flags down her server like she just caught on fire, and tells the server that she’s allergic to onions, and can’t eat the green chili because there’s onions.”

Then, Withers explains how she and the other servers have seen this customer order chili cheese fries almost every time she comes to the bar. “So we’re all a little bit flabbergasted when she said she’s deathly allergic to onions,” she adds.

However, Withers says the customer “would not let up” and was “gaslighting us so hard.” She adds that the customer claimed she had never eaten the green chili cheese fries before because she would “die right here” if she ate an onion.

“OK, queen, pop off. Give me the fries, and I’ll take them back,” Withers says. 

Next, the customer reportedly asked for fries without green chili because the green chili had onions in it. “So now they’re just cheese fries,” Withers says.

“We bring them out,” she continues. “One French fry that was not covered with melted cheese was a little bit crispy.” 

As the server walks away, Withers says the customer stands up from her chair and yells, “Excuse me?” multiple times to the server.

The customer reportedly tells the server, “These fries are burned. I’m not eating these. These are disgusting.” 

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“Where’s the burned b*tch?” Withers asks her TikTok audience. “It’s crispy; it’s not burnt.” She then emphasizes to viewers that it was just the end of one French fry that was crispy. 

Then, the customer supposedly ordered the dish with steak fries so they wouldn’t be “burnt.”

Once the server brings out the steak fries with cheese and no green chili, Withers says the customer complained they were “soggy, undercooked and raw.”

At this point, Withers says the staff gave up on the fries. “Obviously, we just can’t get it right for ya,” she adds.

The server says the customer chose to order wings instead and asked for the “Asian Garlic Parmesan” option.

“Asian and Garlic Parmesan are two separate flavors,” Withers says. “So we try to explain that to her, she goes off.”

Withers says she offered to mix the two flavors for the customer. “No, that’s disgusting,” the customer reportedly responds. 

Withers says the customer also complained that the bar couldn’t make her all flat wings and that blue cheese and ranch are an added charge. “So the wings are a no-go, OK?” Withers adds. “At least she let us know before we freaking brought them out.” 

But, Withers adds, “Here’s the kicker.”

She says the customer ordered fajitas. As the server wrote her order down, Withers says he noted that he would make sure to leave the onions off.

“Can y’all guess what this b*tch said?” Withers asks.

“Oh no, you can leave the onions on there,” she reports the customer responding. 

Withers says the customer claimed she wasn’t allergic to the onions in the fajitas, just the ones in the green chili. “They’re the same onions?” Withers says. “I don’t understand what’s happening.”

To avoid “further gaslighting from a freaking customer,” Withers says, they brought out the fajitas, and the customer enjoyed their meal.

When the check comes, Withers says all the fries are taken off the bill, but the fajitas still need to be paid for. 

“Of course, this is a gigantic problem because why in God’s name would she be expected to pay for an entree that she ate in its entirety?” she adds, “including the f*cking onions.” 

Withers says she felt bad for the server who had to deal with the customer because they only got a $2 tip. 

Withers says when she recounted the story to her manager, her manager responded, “Oh yeah, she’s not allowed back in here. She’s done.” The server concludes by saying she has “never been so happy to work in a mom-and-pop in her entire life.” 

In a TikTok direct message, Withers told the Daily Dot she will be posting an update to her account when the customer comes back and they “tell her that she’s no longer allowed to eat at the bar.”

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2023, 9:00 pm CST