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‘I don’t share my travel secrets for a reason’: Cruise passengers use viral hack to sneak alcohol on board. It backfires



Tiffanie Drayton


Not every hack should be shared.

One TikToker says she learned that lesson the hard way after her bag was confiscated by security while trying to board a cruise ship.

In a viral video that has been viewed over 609,000 times as of Tuesday, TikToker Tricia Shaniy (@Triciashaniy) explained why the cruise line decided to take the drastic measure and why viral travel hacks may be to blame.

@triciashaniy Beware of boarding cruise lines with liquor in your suitcase!!!! Or any bottle shapped item. #cruisetraveltips #triciashaniy #triciashaniyreview ♬ original sound – tricia shaniy

“So half of y’all that be posting on TikTok about cruises, y’all f*cked it up for a lot of us,” Shaniy said in the clip.

Apparently, multiple passengers aboard her cruise ship were denied their luggage because of new security measures, which she believes were put in place after numerous TikTokers shared hacks for sneaking liquor onto cruises.

“Y’all deada** got my luggage confiscated for some mousse,” she said.

The cruise ship’s new security policy included sending bags through scanners to make sure passengers didn’t board with anything they weren’t supposed to. However, Shaniy said this resulted in them taking her locked bag because it had hair mousse in it.

“They also scan for the shape of a bottle, and they notice that it may be a liquor bottle,” she added.

If a bottle is found, the TikToker said the cruise line refuses to return the bag and sends passengers to guest services or security to “fight” to get it back. This results in luggage delays, which means passengers may be without their bags for the first night of their trip.

“Everything should not be posted on TikTok,” Shaniy concluded.

The video has raked in nearly 46,000 likes.

In the comments section, many agreed that some hacks should be kept under wraps.

“I knew this was coming,” one viewer wrote. “Ppl share too much online.”

“LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!!” a second said.

“I don’t share my travel secrets for a reason,” another added.

The Daily Dot contacted Tricia Shaniy via email for more information.

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