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‘Sam’s could never’: Customer says Costco kicked them out while they were trying to buy chocolate chip cookies

‘Costco and Netflix hate people who share.’


Maya Wray


A Costco shopper who attempted to use her mother’s store membership card to purchase treats for a family event said she was made to do a “walk of shame” back to the bakery section after she was stopped from shopping by a store employee. 

“All we wanted were chocolate chip cookies,” TikToker Gaby (@gabrielala_la) narrated as she and her sister Carmen headed through the store to the cookie shelf. In the video, Carmen can be seen putting back the box of cookies they tried to buy with an annoyed expression. “$10 chocolate chip cookies, and not even for ourselves!” Gaby added.

The cookies were intended for a family party, Gaby further revealed in the TikTok, which has been viewed over 396,800 times since it was first posted on May 25.

Still, the sisters were able to use their mother’s membership card outside of the store to purchase a couple of hot dogs at the food court.

“I didn’t know Costco hired FBI agents to check your ID,” Carmen mused off-camera.

Gaby said the store worker spent a few minutes comparing them to the picture of their mother on the membership card before declining to let them buy the cookies.

Regarding Costco memberships, the store’s policy page states that “only Costco members may purchase items.” Primary and Affiliate store members are granted a second membership card for a member of their household who lives at their address and is over 16 years old.

While some viewers criticized the sisters for not following Costco’s rules and thought them lucky to have not had their mother’s membership canceled, others felt that putting the cookies back where they belonged was a generous move and that they should have been allowed to make such a small purchase while carrying a valid member’s card. 

@gabrielala_la We’re here to tell our story. #costco #hotdogs #storytime #kickedout #familyvalues @carmen ♬ original sound – gaby!

“I was turned down with a shopping cart full because I was using my husband’s card. Never again!” a shopper who had forgotten her own membership card at home wrote. 

Some viewers were surprised by the level of scrutiny at the Fullerton, California location, claiming that their own locations never scanned IDs that closely. “They do not look that deep at our Costco. Most of the time the person at the door is talking to other people and wave us in,” user @iammskaykay described.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gaby via Instagram direct message and to Costco via its website.

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